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Author Study

Have students research Flannery O'Connor's life (especially her strong religious views since they influenced this novel). Ask them to create a depiction (in words or pictures) of the author especially the aspects of her life that seem to "fit" with the novel.

Your Own Shrunken Man

Have students create representations of what they think the shrunken man Enoch stole from the museum might look like using paper mache. They can use any assortment of materials (paint, glue, etc.) to make their shrunken men. Have them share them with the class and explain the choices they made in creating them.

Your Own Religion

In Wise Blood Haze creates his own religion and preaches it. Have students create their own religions (either independently or in small groups). They should put together a statement of their beliefs and create a pamphlet that they would distribute to potential convertees.

Wise Blood Preacher Challenge

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