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Chapter 1

• Hazel Motes is traveling on a train. His seat mate Mrs. Hitchcock tries talking with him, but he essentially ignores her.

• Haze approaches the porter claiming he is a man from his hometown. The porter denies this.

• Haze and Mrs. Hitchcock go to the dining car. They are separated and Haze has a frustrating meal with three women.

• Haze demands that the porter set up his sleeping berth.

• Once in his berth Haze dreams of the funerals of family members and awakes believing he is closed in a coffin.

• He begs the porter to help him out of his berth, but the porter ignores him.

Chapter 2

• Haze departs the train momentarily and it leaves without him. He must wait six hours until the next train to Taulkinham arrives.

• Once in Taulkinham, Haze visits a train station restroom and notes the name and address of a town prostitute...

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