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Lesson 1 (from Tuning and Spring)


Tuning and Spring

In "Tuning," the author talks about the importance of the senses, including smell, sight, and sound. The objective of this lesson is to make students more aware of the five senses and of their importance.


1) Class Discussion: Have students name the five senses. Ask why the author listed only three.

2) Homework: Have students write an addition to the introduction that includes a paragraph of touch and taste.

3) Class Work: Have students create a list of the smells, sights and sounds the author used in the story. Break that list down and talk about each item on the list, asking students to imagine those sights, sounds and smells.

4) Class Discussion: Ask students to imagine losing one of the five senses. Ask which of the five they consider most important and why, and which they consider least important.

5) Project: Have students learn how people...

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