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Tuning and Spring

• Eldon's older brother, Wayne, says his teacher had called spring a time of awakening but Eldon disagrees.

• Eldon recalls cows that sink into the mud and when he pushes them out he almost always falls in himself.

• Eldon's family consists of Eldon, Wayne, Mother, Father, Uncle David and Uncle Nels.

• Eldon and Way discover a western novel and immediately begin pretending to be cowboys.

• The family has a horse named Stacker who is huge but incredibly gentle.


• The family has a tractor but it is used only a few times each year.

• Father traded Jersey cows for the tractor though Mother says Jerseys give better milk than the Holsteins.

• Uncle David says the summer is filled with work because there is so much light.

• There is planting and harvesting of several crops, including hay, corn, oats and more.

• Eldon isn't allowed to do as...

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