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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was a popular way of teaching students in Will’s school?
(a) Independent studies at home
(b) Reading many texts
(c) Travel abroad
(d) Enacting classical plays

2. Which of these was NOT a major location of recreation in London during Will’s day?
(a) Bear-baiting pits
(b) Horse tracks
(c) Theaters
(d) Brothels

3. Gloves during this time were made from which material?
(a) Silk
(b) Polyester
(c) Leather
(d) Cotton

4. What particular aspect did the public want in their plays during Will’s day?
(a) Honesty
(b) Human dignity
(c) Violence
(d) Romance

5. Why did “The Queen’s Men” supposedly need an additional actor?
(a) One of their members had quit
(b) One of their members had been killed
(c) One of their members had been arrested
(d) One of their members had gotten the plague

Short Answer Questions

1. Which theme in Will’s later works likely stemmed from his family life?

2. Who wrote Tamburlaine the Great?

3. Which of the following was NOT a difference between Will and his wife?

4. In which of Will’s plays are husbands portrayed as neglecting their wives?

5. Chapter 1 gives the most information about Will’s…

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the possible reason for Will’s hasty marriage and identify which of Will’s plays reflects the same urgency between a male and female character.

2. Who was Richard Field? Why was Will’s relationship with him important?

3. Describe the relationship between Brutus and Portia in Will’s play Julius Caesar. Is this relationship healthy or unhealthy? Why is it an important indicator of how Will depicted marriage in his plays?

4. What two personal conclusions did Will draw as a result of his relationship with Edmund Campion?

5. Describe the general feelings towards Roman Catholics during the England of Will’s day.

6. Describe the political climate in London during Will’s day. How were “traitors” treated?

7. Was it dangerous for people to travel by road in Will’s day? What did they need for safe passage?

8. What influence did Will’s education have on his later work as a playwright?

9. Describe the school environment in which Will was educated. What things were unique about his education?

10. Who was Edmund Campion? What faith was he devoted to?

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