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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gloves during this time were made from which material?
(a) Polyester
(b) Silk
(c) Cotton
(d) Leather

2. Chapter 1 gives the most information about Will’s…
(a) Sisters
(b) Mother
(c) Father
(d) Brothers

3. Which member of Will’s family seemed to be sympathetic towards Roman Catholics and militant Protestants?
(a) Will’s father
(b) Will’s cousin
(c) Will’s paternal grandfather
(d) Will’s brother

4. Where did Richard Field live?
(a) Lancashire
(b) London
(c) Paris
(d) Stratford

5. What eventually happened to Edmund Campion?
(a) He was executed
(b) He was made mayor
(c) He was given a large sum of money
(d) He died of old age

Short Answer Questions

1. In his plays, Will defined love as…

2. What was the result of Will’s threatened punishment for his illegal activity?

3. What is a possible evidence for John’s Shakespeare’s suspected alcoholism?

4. What was a possible hindrance for Will’s traveling to London at this time?

5. Who is NOT an example of a villainous character in Will’s later work that stemmed from exposure to plays in his younger years?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some possible reasons for Will’s leaving Stratford and going to London?

2. Who was Sir Thomas Lucy? What was Will’s relationship with him?

3. Why would John Shakespeare’s fall into disrepute have been bothersome to Will?

4. Describe the prevalent attitude of theater owners during this time. What was their primary concern?

5. Discuss the possible reason for Will’s hasty marriage and identify which of Will’s plays reflects the same urgency between a male and female character.

6. Did Will and his wife have a happy, fulfilling marriage? Discuss evidences to support your answer.

7. Who was Will’s wife? What was her financial standing? What religious preference did she likely have?

8. Describe the careers, both legal and illegal, of John Shakespeare.

9. Describe the general feelings towards Roman Catholics during the England of Will’s day.

10. Why would Will’s continued relationship with Edmund Campion have been a hindrance for his career?

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