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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chapter 8 say that Will may have developed towards the Earl of Southampton?
(a) Animosity
(b) Sympathy
(c) Apathy
(d) Romantic feelings

2. Which description does NOT fit the members of the important group of playwrights in London during Will’s day?
(a) Generous and mild
(b) University educated
(c) Outcasts from their families
(d) Intent upon making a mark in theater

3. Which of Will’s children died?
(a) Susanna
(b) Anne
(c) Judith
(d) Hamnet

4. What did Robert Greene do to criticize Will publicly?
(a) Complained to the queen about his work
(b) Made a speech criticizing his work
(c) Published a tract criticizing his work
(d) Burned down his house

5. What relationship forms the basis of human interactions in several of Will’s works in his latter days?
(a) Husband-wife relationship
(b) Brother-sister relationship
(c) Father-son relationship
(d) Father-daughter relationship

6. To whom did Will leave all of his property in his will?
(a) To his son Hamnet
(b) To his daughter Susanna
(c) To his wife Anne
(d) To his daughter Judith

7. What theater in London burned down towards the end of Will’s life?
(a) The Glove
(b) The Rose
(c) The Globe
(d) The Thorn

8. Which best describes the relationship between Will and Christopher Marlowe?
(a) One of great collaboration and mutual financial profit
(b) Apathetic
(c) Full of hatred and underhanded competition
(d) Full of professional rivalry yet possible friendship

9. What is the name of an epic poem that Will wrote?
(a) Othello
(b) Come to Me
(c) As You Like It
(d) Venus and Adonis

10. Who took Robert Greene in so that he did not have to die on the streets of London?
(a) An actor
(b) A shoemaker
(c) Another playwright
(d) A queen

11. What was the name of the house that Will purchased?
(a) Old Faith
(b) New Hope
(c) Dominant Hope
(d) New Place

12. What was Will’s future patron determined NOT to do?
(a) Become ill
(b) Become injured while riding horses
(c) Divorce
(d) Marry

13. What happened to the members of the important group of playwrights in London during Will’s day?
(a) They all left the country
(b) They all joined the Church
(c) They all conspired to assassinate Will in the method of Julius Caesar
(d) They all died

14. Which of these was NOT one of Will’s early comedies?
(a) The Taming of the Shrew
(b) The Comedy of Errors
(c) King Lear
(d) Two Gentleman of Verona

15. Which of these is a writing technique that Will used in writing Hamlet?
(a) Group writing
(b) Alliteration
(c) Intentional forgetfulness of characters
(d) Rewriting of an earlier play

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the Earl of Essex?

2. Which popular poet of the day attempted to defend Will and his work?

3. Chapter 12 focuses on…

4. What was the name of Christopher Marlowe’s play that was about a Jew?

5. What name was given to Will’s troupe during the reign of King James?

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