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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Describe Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to Richard II.
(a) She was upset
(b) She was indifferent
(c) She was pleased
(d) She was apathetic

2. To whom did Will leave all of his property in his will?
(a) To his wife Anne
(b) To his daughter Judith
(c) To his son Hamnet
(d) To his daughter Susanna

3. Which of Will’s tragedies did he write in the latter days of his career?
(a) Romeo and Juliet
(b) King Lear
(c) Venus and Adonis
(d) Twelfth Night

4. What happened to the members of the important group of playwrights in London during Will’s day?
(a) They all died
(b) They all joined the Church
(c) They all conspired to assassinate Will in the method of Julius Caesar
(d) They all left the country

5. What was the name of the house that Will purchased?
(a) Old Faith
(b) Dominant Hope
(c) New Place
(d) New Hope

6. Will’s acquisition of more land in Stratford enabled him to be considered a…
(a) Lord
(b) Mayor
(c) Priest
(d) Gentleman

7. What is thought to have been the motivation behind Will’s bequeathment of his second-best bed to his wife?
(a) Love
(b) Concern
(c) Apathy
(d) Insult

8. Chapter 8 focuses mostly on Will’s…
(a) Poetry
(b) Marriage
(c) Children
(d) Health

9. Which of Will’s plays was being performed during the rebellion by the Earl of Essex?
(a) Macbeth
(b) King Lear
(c) Hamlet
(d) Richard II

10. Which person associated with Queen Elizabeth was executed on accusations of heresy and treason?
(a) The monarch’s priest
(b) The monarch’s doctor
(c) The monarch’s daughter
(d) The monarch’s hairdresser

11. Which of these was another prominent playwright (and likely the leader) within the theater community of Will’s day?
(a) Edgar Lucy
(b) Henry Arden
(c) John Patton
(d) Robert Greene

12. Which best describes the theme of Venus and Adonis?
(a) A tangle of romantic expression
(b) A treatise on parenting
(c) A spiritual quest
(d) A political intrigue

13. In which play did Will NOT poke fun at the members of the prominent group of playwrights in London during his day?
(a) Hamlet
(b) Twelfth Night
(c) King Lear
(d) The Merry Wives of Windsor

14. In which of Will’s plays does Sir John Falstaff appear?
(a) Macbeth
(b) Henry IV
(c) Othello
(d) Henry VI

15. Both Will and Marlowe utilized main characters in their works from what people group?
(a) Jews
(b) Africans
(c) Australians
(d) Russians

Short Answer Questions

1. What was a significant innovation in Hamlet that refers to a method of speaking by a particular character?

2. Which best describes the relationship between Will and Christopher Marlowe?

3. What did Will and Christopher Marlowe have in common?

4. Where did Will live near the end of his life?

5. Which description does NOT fit the members of the important group of playwrights in London during Will’s day?

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