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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the Earl of Essex?
(a) He was executed
(b) He was deported
(c) He was pardoned
(d) He was imprisoned for life

2. What was a significant innovation in Hamlet that refers to a method of speaking by a particular character?
(a) The act of speaking in another language
(b) The use of foreshadowing
(c) The epic poem
(d) The soliloquy

3. What is thought to have been the motivation behind Will’s bequeathment of his second-best bed to his wife?
(a) Concern
(b) Love
(c) Apathy
(d) Insult

4. Which of Will’s tragedies did he write in the latter days of his career?
(a) Twelfth Night
(b) King Lear
(c) Romeo and Juliet
(d) Venus and Adonis

5. What phrase best describes the Earl of Southampton?
(a) Focused on traveling
(b) In poor health
(c) Religious
(d) Self-indulgent

6. Which of these monarchs reigned during Will’s career and loved theater the MOST?
(a) Queen Elizabeth
(b) Queen Victoria
(c) King James
(d) King Henry

7. Which of these was another prominent playwright (and likely the leader) within the theater community of Will’s day?
(a) John Patton
(b) Robert Greene
(c) Edgar Lucy
(d) Henry Arden

8. Where was Will’s family living while he was in London?
(a) Lancashire
(b) Paris
(c) London
(d) Stratford

9. What name was given to Will’s troupe during the reign of King James?
(a) The Court's Men
(b) The King's Men
(c) The Queen's Men
(d) The Earl's Pride

10. What is the name of an epic poem that Will wrote?
(a) Come to Me
(b) As You Like It
(c) Venus and Adonis
(d) Othello

11. Will’s acquisition of more land in Stratford enabled him to be considered a…
(a) Gentleman
(b) Lord
(c) Mayor
(d) Priest

12. Which character in one of Will’s works especially reflects the encounters that Will had with two of the members of the important group of playwrights in London?
(a) John Cade
(b) Romeo
(c) King Lear
(d) Falstaff

13. Which is NOT a description of Will?
(a) Socially and politically reticent
(b) Tied by commitment to his family
(c) A drinker and a brawler
(d) Sexually cautious

14. With whom did Will want to be united near the end of his life?
(a) His son Hamnet
(b) His daughter Susanna
(c) His daughter Judith
(d) His wife Anne

15. Which of Will’s children experienced marital troubles?
(a) Judith
(b) Hamnet
(c) Anne
(d) Susanna

Short Answer Questions

1. What theater was at the center of a dispute described in Chapter 10?

2. In Chapter 9, who was the reigning monarch of England?

3. Which is NOT a description of Christopher Marlowe?

4. Why did Will leave London to return to Stratford?

5. What object did Will leave to his wife after his death?

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