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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Will’s plays was being performed during the rebellion by the Earl of Essex?
(a) Macbeth
(b) Richard II
(c) Hamlet
(d) King Lear

2. Chapter 8 focuses mostly on Will’s…
(a) Poetry
(b) Children
(c) Health
(d) Marriage

3. Which of these monarchs reigned during Will’s career and loved theater the MOST?
(a) King James
(b) Queen Elizabeth
(c) King Henry
(d) Queen Victoria

4. What is the name of an epic poem that Will wrote?
(a) Come to Me
(b) Venus and Adonis
(c) As You Like It
(d) Othello

5. Who was Christopher Marlowe’s roommate?
(a) The Earl of Southampton
(b) Thomas Nashe
(c) Thomas Kyd
(d) Robert Greene

6. In what year did Will die?
(a) 1610
(b) 1580
(c) 1620
(d) 1616

7. What object did Will leave to his wife after his death?
(a) His second-best bed
(b) The family home
(c) All of his money
(d) His personal sword

8. Which of these descriptions does NOT reflect Will’s relationship with the Globe Theater?
(a) Key investor
(b) Important actor
(c) Chief critic
(d) Principal playwright

9. What is the basic plot of Will’s play Richard II?
(a) A powerful monarch gets sick
(b) A feeble monarch is deposed
(c) A strong monarch is overthrown
(d) A cowardly monarch flees the country

10. Which of these is a writing technique that Will used in writing Hamlet?
(a) Intentional forgetfulness of characters
(b) Alliteration
(c) Group writing
(d) Rewriting of an earlier play

11. What was the name of Christopher Marlowe’s play that was about a Jew?
(a) As You Like It
(b) Come Alongside Me
(c) Tamburlaine the Great
(d) The Jew of Malta

12. What did Queen Elizabeth require of her subjects, no matter what their religious beliefs were?
(a) Commitment to marriage
(b) Tithing to the Protestant church
(c) Public baptism
(d) Attendance of the weekly government-mandated church services

13. Which is NOT a description of Christopher Marlowe?
(a) Dedicated to the church
(b) A drinker and a brawler
(c) Sexually liberated
(d) Socially and politically outspoken

14. What activities did the important group of playwrights in London spend much money and time doing?
(a) Building theaters
(b) Drinking and partying
(c) Traveling abroad
(d) Helping the poor

15. Describe Will’s relationship with the prominent group of playwrights in London during his day.
(a) He was extremely angry at them
(b) He did not fit in with them
(c) He copied their plays
(d) He fit in well with them

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these prominent playwrights died last?

2. With whom did Will want to be united near the end of his life?

3. Which best describes the relationship between Will and Christopher Marlowe?

4. What name was given to Will’s troupe during the reign of King James?

5. Which of Will’s children experienced marital troubles?

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