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Stephen Greenblatt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What particular aspect did the public want in their plays during Will’s day?
(a) Human dignity
(b) Romance
(c) Violence
(d) Honesty

2. What suggestion is made in Chapter 4 regarding the representation of parenting in Will’s theatrical works?
(a) Parenting was not desirable
(b) The female carried all of the parental responsibilities
(c) The male carried all of the parental responsibilities
(d) Parenting was extremely desirable

3. On whose estate did Will engage in illegal activity?
(a) Robert Greene’s
(b) Edmund Campion’s
(c) John Shakespeare’s
(d) Sir Thomas Lucy’s

4. Chapter 1 gives the most information about Will’s…
(a) Sisters
(b) Brothers
(c) Mother
(d) Father

5. Chapter 1 begins with a discussion of…
(a) Will's death
(b) Will's marriage
(c) Will's baptism
(d) Will's early childhood

6. Who was the prominent and hunted Catholic leader that Will met during this time?
(a) John Shakespeare
(b) Edmund Campion
(c) Robert Greene
(d) Christopher Marlowe

7. Which of Will’s plays was particularly influenced by the work of Christopher Marlowe?
(a) Romeo and Juliet
(b) Henry VI
(c) Othello
(d) King Lear

8. Which of Will’s plays does NOT discuss loss of social status?
(a) Twelfth Night
(b) Romeo and Juliet
(c) The Merchant of Venice
(d) The Tempest

9. Chapter 6 begins with a discussion of…
(a) The life of Will’s children
(b) The political climate of Will’s day
(c) Life in nearby France
(d) Life in the various sections of London

10. What was Will licensed for during the time that he lived in Stratford?
(a) Nothing
(b) Singing
(c) Dancing
(d) Acting

11. What is a possible evidence for John’s Shakespeare’s suspected alcoholism?
(a) Drunken father-like figures in several of Will’s plays
(b) Written statements by Will’s siblings
(c) Complaints made by Will’s mother
(d) Detailed descriptions of John Shakespeare’s alcoholism

12. What illegal activity was Will possibly involved in?
(a) Illicit wool trading
(b) Stealing from the rich
(c) Whiskey brewing
(d) Deer poaching

13. Choose the phrase that most accurately describes Will’s wife.
(a) Financially well-to-do
(b) In poor health
(c) Unstable mentally
(d) Extremely mean

14. Where did Richard Field live?
(a) Lancashire
(b) Stratford
(c) London
(d) Paris

15. What was a popular way of teaching students in Will’s school?
(a) Independent studies at home
(b) Travel abroad
(c) Enacting classical plays
(d) Reading many texts

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 5 ends with a discussion of…

2. What is another aspect of Will’s early life that impacted his later theatrical career?

3. The relationship that Will had with what person enabled him to gain more knowledge and have greater access to books?

4. Why did “The Queen’s Men” supposedly need an additional actor?

5. What object did John Shakespeare unsuccessfully attempt to purchase to help the family’s social standing?

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