Will in the World Short Essay - Answer Key

Stephen Greenblatt
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1. Describe the school environment in which Will was educated. What things were unique about his education?

The school Will attended was for the children of the upper middle class. Studies were in Latin and about Latin, and much learning took place by enacting classical Roman plays. The school was for boys only.

2. What influence did Will’s education have on his later work as a playwright?

Will’s education developed three key things in him that were important for his later work as a playwright: 1) it developed his love for language, 2) it gave him his first taste of acting, and 3) one of the plays enacted by the students provided the plot for one of Will’s earliest plays, Comedy of Errors.

3. Describe how Will’s father, John Shakespeare, influenced Will’s exposure to theater at a young age.

John Shakespeare was the mayor of their home town, Stratford. As a result, John would have been the honored guest at local theater performances, thus enabling Will to be exposed to multiple performances as a child.

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