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Stephen Greenblatt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John Shakespeare was unable to send Will to…
(a) Church
(b) University
(c) London
(d) Germany

2. What illegal activity was John Shakespeare involved in?
(a) Illicit wool dealing
(b) Spying
(c) Deer poaching
(d) Whiskey brewing

3. What is a possible evidence for John’s Shakespeare’s suspected alcoholism?
(a) Drunken father-like figures in several of Will’s plays
(b) Written statements by Will’s siblings
(c) Detailed descriptions of John Shakespeare’s alcoholism
(d) Complaints made by Will’s mother

4. What is another aspect of Will’s early life that impacted his later theatrical career?
(a) Studying with renowned playwrights of his day
(b) Traveling extensively outside of his home town
(c) Attending local festivals at which plays were presented
(d) Being selected as the winner of a national contest

5. What was a popular way of teaching students in Will’s school?
(a) Independent studies at home
(b) Enacting classical plays
(c) Travel abroad
(d) Reading many texts

Short Answer Questions

1. What trait is characteristic of all Will’s rural characters?

2. Chapter 1 ends with a discussion of…

3. Who was primarily responsible for the loss of social standing in Will’s family?

4. What aspect of social life was very important in Will’s time?

5. Gloves during this time were made from which material?

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