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Stephen Greenblatt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John Shakespeare was unable to send Will to…
(a) Church
(b) London
(c) Germany
(d) University

2. What happened to the members of the important group of playwrights in London during Will’s day?
(a) They all died
(b) They all left the country
(c) They all conspired to assassinate Will in the method of Julius Caesar
(d) They all joined the Church

3. What activity did Will try to avoid while living in London?
(a) Stealing money
(b) Drinking alcohol
(c) Writing any plays that would call attention to his illegal dealings
(d) Writing incriminating documents signed with his name

4. Who staged a rebellion against Queen Elizabeth that is described in Chapter 10?
(a) Sir Thomas Lucy
(b) The Earl of Essex
(c) Robert Greene
(d) Richard Field

5. What situation did Will leave behind in London when he went to Stratford?
(a) A dispute leading to the dismantling and rebuilding of a particular theater
(b) A threat that he was going to be executed for treason
(c) An ailing father that was close to death
(d) An accusation of embezzlement from the church

Short Answer Questions

1. In his plays, Will defined love as…

2. Which of these was NOT a major location of recreation in London during Will’s day?

3. Which is NOT a description of Will?

4. Where did Will possibly live between the time of his school days and his marriage?

5. What object did John Shakespeare unsuccessfully attempt to purchase to help the family’s social standing?

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