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Stephen Greenblatt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was a possible hindrance for Will’s traveling to London at this time?
(a) He had no license or letter from a patron
(b) He had no money
(c) He was sick
(d) He wanted to stay with his family

2. What was the result of Will’s threatened punishment for his illegal activity?
(a) Will’s leaving Stratford
(b) Will’s imprisonment
(c) Will’s advancement in society
(d) Will’s untimely death

3. What characteristic was prevalent among theaters during Will’s day?
(a) Honesty
(b) Collaboration
(c) Generosity
(d) Competition

4. Which description does NOT fit the members of the important group of playwrights in London during Will’s day?
(a) University educated
(b) Outcasts from their families
(c) Intent upon making a mark in theater
(d) Generous and mild

5. Chapter 6 begins with a discussion of…
(a) The political climate of Will’s day
(b) Life in the various sections of London
(c) Life in nearby France
(d) The life of Will’s children

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Queen Elizabeth require of her subjects, no matter what their religious beliefs were?

2. What is another aspect of Will’s early life that impacted his later theatrical career?

3. What aspect of social life was very important in Will’s time?

4. What object did John Shakespeare unsuccessfully attempt to purchase to help the family’s social standing?

5. What happened to the Earl of Essex?

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