Will in the World Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Stephen Greenblatt
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Essay Topic 1

Describe the author’s opinion of Will throughout the book. Would you say that Greenblatt is a fan of Will and his work? What opinion does Greenblatt seem to have of Will’s decisions throughout his life? Does Greenblatt’s opinion of Will change your own opinion of Will?

Essay Topic 2

Define the environment of Will’s early years. What are some specifics of his early education? What is the town like in which he grew up? What impact did his education and the atmosphere of his town have on his theatrical works?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Will’s father and mother. Who were they? What information is given about them? In your opinion, did they have a major impact on Will’s later career as a playwright? Give at least one specific example to support your answer.

Essay Topic 4

Describe the local country festivals of Will...

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