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Richard Elliott Friedman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Friedman suggest is the only good news about the exile?
(a) that they missed a famine in Israel.
(b) that it educated the brightest young people.
(c) that the Jews became wealthy in Babylon and Egypt.
(d) that it only lasted fifty years.

2. What artifact ceases to be mentioned in Jewish history at the time of the return?
(a) the Temple.
(b) the Ark of the Covenant.
(c) the Torah.
(d) the Tabernacle.

3. What does Friedman classify as a brilliant mistake?
(a) the identification of Josiah as the J author.
(b) the identification of four authors of the Torah.
(c) the identification of Moses as Author P.
(d) the identification of the P author of the Bible.

4. What does Friedman speculate held the exiled Jews together?
(a) the smuggled copies of the Torah.
(b) the resistance they put up.
(c) the blood relationship among them.
(d) the nature of the Jewish religion.

5. What is Friedman's description of Author P?
(a) possibly a man or a woman.
(b) likely an Aaronid priest and therefore male.
(c) possibly a Mosiac itinerant priest.
(d) a scribe from Judah.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which group of priests do the writers J and P favor?

2. How did J's and E's texts probably originate?

3. Why does Friedman say that insertions were necessary in Deuteronomy?

4. What occurred during the reign of King Hezekiah?

5. What does Friedman show about the Tabernacle and the Temple?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is King Josiah eliminated as a possible writer of Deuteronomy?

2. Why was a fix necessary for the text of Deuteronomy?

3. Explain how are D and E writers different from J and P authors?

4. How does the importance of sacrificing becomes apparent?

5. At what point does the original draft of Deuteronomy stop making sense?

6. Who accompanied Jeremiah into exile in Egypt and how did that affect the texts?

7. At the rebuilding of the Temple, what is a major difference between it and the original Temple?

8. During what historical time frame does Friedman place the writer P?

9. How did Cyrus the Great figure into the history of the Jewish exile?

10. How does Friedman identify as writer R, the redactor who stitched together all the various versions into one Torah?

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