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Richard Elliott Friedman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 Two Kingdoms, Two Writers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way was Yahweh different from the gods of the people around the Hebrews?
(a) Yahweh has fewer oracles.
(b) Yahweh disallows statues.
(c) Yahweh cannot speak to the people.
(d) Yahweh is not associated with any natural force.

2. Why are tribal references important in discovering the different authors?
(a) they certify the two authors' reliability.
(b) they read like the political divisions after King Solomon.
(c) they show which tribes each of the authors comes from.
(d) they indicate great knowledge of Hebrew history.

3. Where does Friedman place Author E?
(a) in Babylon.
(b) in Edom.
(c) in Israel.
(d) in Egypt.

4. What lay in the ark under the wings of the cherubs?
(a) a lampstand with seven candles.
(b) the original copies of the Torah.
(c) a tree that symbolized Yahweh.
(d) the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.

5. What does the Author J's story of Noah do that the Author E's story does not?
(a) it allows God to have regrets.
(b) it shows God as an abstract idea.
(c) it gives God a greater purpose for the flood.
(d) it makes God more human.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the last judge before Saul became King of Israel?

2. What writer became known as Author D?

3. What effect did the first suggestions that more than one writer wrote the Pentateuch have on Christian clergy?

4. What were the cherubs inside the Holy of Holies?

5. How does J get around the problem of images in the north and south?

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