Who Wrote the Bible? Fun Activities

Richard Elliott Friedman
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Put Together Three Stories

Have three students write out in their own words the story of Cinderella. Then taking pieces from each story, combine them into one coherent tale.

Guess the Era

Someone reads short but obscure literary passages written in the 16th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The class will then discuss which era they each come from based on use of language and syntax.

Comparison Posters

Make three posters--one of the Tabernacle, one of Solomon's Temple, and one of the Second Temple. Place them on the wall for comparison.

Map Makers

A few students volunteer to work on a large map of the lands of the Bible to place on the classroom wall.

Who Am I?

Students create a list of characteristics, opinions, or activities of one of the people mentioned in Friedman's book. From those clues, the rest of the class tries to determine who the...

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