Whittington Short Essay - Answer Key

Alan Armstrong
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1. How was Whittington separated from his boy?

Whittington was separated from his boy when the boy had reading trouble and was sent to a special school out West. The parents never loved Whittington, and they threw him out after he killed a tomcat next door.

2. What does Whittington the cat look like?

Whittington is a gray and black cat with a rumpled coat and bushy tail. His left ear is torn, and he looks beaten up.

3. How does Lady stay safe from the rats?

Lady stays safe from the rats because of her big and powerful wings. Though her wings are clipped and she must sleep near the door, the rats can't get her because of her strength.

4. What are the first two horses that Bernie buys?

The first two horses that Bernie buys are two Arabian retired racehorses. They are a twenty-four-year-old gelding named Aramis and a twenty-eight-year-old female named Li'l Spooker.

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