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Chapter 1

• Jo Becker and her husband Daniel are in a rowboat, fishing on a lake near their home.

• Jo is a veterinarian. Daniel is a preacher, and they live in a farmhouse in Adams Mills, Massachusetts.

• Jo contemplates middle age as she stands before a mirror and thinks that she is still attractive and in good health.

• Jo's eighty-year-old mother is healthy and living in Maine.

• Daniel notices at dinner that Jo seems worried and preoccupied, and she says she has a premonition about something but it's probably that she just misses her daughters.
• After dinner, Daniel leaves to comfort a dying parishioner.

• Jo and Daniel's daughter, Sadie, calls Jo to say that one of Sadie's professors lives in Adams Mills and needs a veterinarian so Sadie has given the professor Jo's contact information.

• Sadie attends college in Massachusetts.

• Jo and Daniel also have two twin daughters. Nora...

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