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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following phrases does NOT characterize Old Dan?
(a) Little Ann's protector.
(b) Devoted to Billy.
(c) Tough, but friendly.
(d) Sweet and loving.

2. How does Billy characterize the female puppy in Chapter 5?
(a) As weak.
(b) As courageous.
(c) As smart.
(d) As docile.

3. What does Old Dan do when Little Ann cuts her paw?
(a) He fights the animal who hurt Little Ann.
(b) He nurses her back to health.
(c) He leaves her to be cared for by Billy's sisters.
(d) He stays with her rather than going hunting alone with Billy.

4. What does Billy's grandfather suggest in Chapter 9 the boy do to keep the coon in the tree while he goes home to rest?
(a) Tie the dogs to the tree.
(b) Take the dogs home with him.
(c) Command the dogs to lie down at the base of the tree.
(d) Construct and place a scarecrow at the base of the tree.

5. Why does Billy's grandfather believe the price of coonskins will increase?
(a) Coonskin coats have become popular.
(b) Coonskins are becoming more rare.
(c) Coonskin hats have become popular.
(d) There are less hunters than there were before.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Billy react in Chapter 6 when he discovers his mother's concern for his absence?

2. Who does the unnamed man in Chapter 1 notice fighting as he walks home?

3. How much money does Billy need to earn to purchase two hound puppies?

4. After purchasing the puppies, who does Billy credit with his good fortune in Chapter 6?

5. What does Billy trap in his new hunting traps in Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Billy confused by the Tahlequah townspeople's reactions to his actions and appearance?

2. How does Billy train the dogs to track raccoons?

3. Describe the contents of the ad Billy finds in the old sportsman's magazine.

4. Compare and contrast Billy and his father's views of the town of Tahlequah.

5. Describe "The Big Tree".

6. What is Billy's first impression of the Tahlequah stationmaster? Why does his impression change?

7. What measures does Papa take in Chapter 2 to help Billy deal with his overwhelming desire for two puppies?

8. Describe what happens after Billy sets up the raccoon traps along the river in Chapter 7.

9. What character traits does Billy exhibit when the children on the playground in Tahlequah harass his dogs? How does he demonstrate these traits?

10. Where does the unnamed old man in Chapter 1 assume the hound lives? Why?

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