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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Pritchard boys refuse to give Billy his money back?
(a) They are unfair.
(b) They are cowards.
(c) They say he owed them the money.
(d) They believe that the dogs must kill the raccoon in order for the bet to be won.

2. What happens to Grandpa while searching for Old Dan in the storm?
(a) He must stop to take a rest.
(b) He falls and knocks himself unconscious and injures his ankle.
(c) He hurts his ankle.
(d) He becomes dehydrated.

3. Why does Billy visit his grandfather's store on the day he encounters the Pritchard boys?
(a) He is purchasing hunting supplies.
(b) He is visiting his grandfather.
(c) He is getting a sack of corn milled for his mother.
(d) He is dropping off pelts to be sold at the store.

4. Why does Little Ann stop barking when she trees the "ghost coon"?
(a) She is waiting for Billy to arrive.
(b) She is waiting for Old Dan to arrive.
(c) She is unsure that he is actually in the tree.
(d) She has lost his scent.

5. Why do the dogs pounce on a large scary animal in Chapter 18 that Old Dan had treed?
(a) It attacks Billy.
(b) It stands in a threatening way.
(c) It growls at them.
(d) It looks like it might attack Billy.

6. How does the group find Old Dan in Chapter 17?
(a) They call to him.
(b) Little Ann leads them to him.
(c) They hear him baying.
(d) They follow the coon.

7. What creature does Old Dan tree one day after the competition?
(a) A bobcat.
(b) A cat.
(c) A raccoon.
(d) A mountain lion.

8. What surprises Billy's grandfather about Little Ann and Old Dan's relationship?
(a) They are not competitive.
(b) They share everything.
(c) They compliment each other well.
(d) They are like a mother and child.

9. What does Billy do to try and gain an advantage on his night of hunting in the contest?
(a) Move out of the over-hunted area.
(b) Give the dogs a pep talk.
(c) Take his father and grandfather along hunting.
(d) Encourage the dogs.

10. What does Billy finally notice about his mother as the family discusses the hunting competition over dinner?
(a) She is kind and understanding.
(b) She is supportive of his hunting career.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She truly loves his father.

11. What event causes Little Ann to become sickly and weak?
(a) The end of hunting season.
(b) The mountain lion's attack.
(c) Billy's illness.
(d) Old Dan's death.

12. What is the significance of the red fern?
(a) It usually only grows in warm climates.
(b) It is rare and unusual.
(c) It is supposedly a gift from God.
(d) It is supposedly planted by an angel at the grave site of two children.

13. What challenge do the Pritchard boys pose for Billy and the dogs?
(a) Treeing the "ghost coon."
(b) Selling the most pelts.
(c) Catching more raccoons than they have caught.
(d) Catching the biggest raccoon.

14. What does Billy do to help himself see the dogs in the fog in Chapter 11?
(a) He tries to put his lantern on the ice pack using a length of cane.
(b) He inches closer to the ice pack.
(c) He shines his flashlight on the ice pack.
(d) He builds a fire near the shore of the river.

15. What does Billy discover when he climbs the ghost tree in Chapter 13?
(a) The tree is still blooming.
(b) The raccoon is not there.
(c) The raccoon was never there.
(d) The raccoon is treed in it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT something Billy believes would be at the dogs' grave sites years later?

2. Who ultimately kills the large scary animal in Chapter 18 that Old Dan had treed?

3. What does Billy realize when he hears Old Dan bay while out on the ice?

4. What does Billy's mother suggest will make him feel better when Old Dan and Little Ann die?

5. How does Billy react when his grandfather tells him he has entered him into the hunting contest?

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