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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the "ghost coon" ultimately head for at the end of Chapter 12?
(a) Billy's home.
(b) The ghost tree.
(c) An old field.
(d) The tallest tree in the forest.

2. Why does Billy insist the group look for the dogs rather than wait for them to come back on their own?
(a) He does not feel confident they can find their way back.
(b) They are hunting in an unfamiliar area.
(c) He knows Little Ann will never leave a treed raccoon.
(d) He knows Old Dan will never leave a treed raccoon.

3. What does Billy hear during the night in Chapter 15 that he takes as a bad omen?
(a) A storm coming.
(b) The sound of mockingbirds.
(c) Old Dan baying.
(d) The sound of screech owls.

4. What problem do the dogs face when the raccoon leads them to the river in Chapter 11?
(a) The river is frozen.
(b) They lose the scent of the coon.
(c) The water is too cold to swim in.
(d) The ice on the river is slippery.

5. What does Billy's father show him to help him feel better when Old Dan and Little Ann die?
(a) The money he earned through hunting.
(b) The home the family is buying in town.
(c) A new puppy.
(d) A grave marker he made for the dogs.

6. How does the group find Old Dan in Chapter 17?
(a) They hear him baying.
(b) Little Ann leads them to him.
(c) They call to him.
(d) They follow the coon.

7. What event causes Little Ann to become sickly and weak?
(a) The mountain lion's attack.
(b) Billy's illness.
(c) The end of hunting season.
(d) Old Dan's death.

8. How many raccoons do Billy and the dogs catch during the hunting contest?
(a) 3.
(b) 1.
(c) 4.
(d) 2.

9. What does Grandpa give Billy in Chapter 15 that marks him as an adult?
(a) A gun.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Money.
(d) A cup of coffee.

10. Who does Billy think has planted the red fern?
(a) God.
(b) The dogs.
(c) Grandpa.
(d) His father.

11. What does Billy do to try and gain an advantage on his night of hunting in the contest?
(a) Take his father and grandfather along hunting.
(b) Move out of the over-hunted area.
(c) Encourage the dogs.
(d) Give the dogs a pep talk.

12. How does Rainie Pritchard characterize Billy's grandfather?
(a) As fair.
(b) As dishonest.
(c) As wealthy.
(d) As mean.

13. Where does Billy's family move to in Chapter 19?
(a) Town.
(b) The Ozark Mountains.
(c) The city.
(d) A home closer to town.

14. Who lays next to Old Dan's dead body before it is buried?
(a) Billy's sisters.
(b) Billy.
(c) Billy and Little Ann.
(d) Little Ann.

15. How does Billy prepare Little Ann for the beauty contest?
(a) By telling her she is a beautiful dog.
(b) By brushing and rubbing butter into her hair.
(c) By teaching her commands.
(d) By brushing and rubbing hair oil into her hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Billy's grandfather tell the boy he must bring with him to the hunting contest?

2. What concerns Billy about Old Dan's behavior when he trees the animal in Chapter 18?

3. Why does Little Ann stop barking when she trees the "ghost coon"?

4. What challenge emerges at the beginning of Chapter 17?

5. What challenge do the Pritchard boys pose for Billy and the dogs?

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