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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billy's mother suggest will make him feel better when Old Dan and Little Ann die?
(a) Remembering the good times he had with the dogs.
(b) Getting new dogs.
(c) Eating dinner.
(d) Praying to God.

2. When did Billy return to the Ozarks to visit the dogs' graves?
(a) Weekly after the family moved into town.
(b) Never.
(c) Shortly before he moved out of the state.
(d) Once before his death.

3. What does Billy do to help himself see the dogs in the fog in Chapter 11?
(a) He builds a fire near the shore of the river.
(b) He tries to put his lantern on the ice pack using a length of cane.
(c) He shines his flashlight on the ice pack.
(d) He inches closer to the ice pack.

4. Who lays next to Old Dan's dead body before it is buried?
(a) Billy and Little Ann.
(b) Little Ann.
(c) Billy's sisters.
(d) Billy.

5. What happens to Grandpa as the dogs chase their second raccoon?
(a) He becomes ill.
(b) He is stricken by laughter.
(c) He is unable to keep up with the group.
(d) He falls into the river.

6. Where do the dogs chase a raccoon to in Chapter 11?
(a) Billy's family's home.
(b) The river.
(c) A tree.
(d) Tahlequah.

7. How does the animal in Chapter 18 react to Old Dan's threat?
(a) It attacks Little Ann.
(b) It hides in the tree.
(c) It attacks Old Dan.
(d) It runs away.

8. How does Billy react when his grandfather tells him he has entered him into the hunting contest?
(a) He is honored.
(b) He is put off.
(c) He is surprised.
(d) He is ecstatic.

9. What happens to Grandpa while searching for Old Dan in the storm?
(a) He hurts his ankle.
(b) He falls and knocks himself unconscious and injures his ankle.
(c) He must stop to take a rest.
(d) He becomes dehydrated.

10. Where does Little Ann find the "ghost coon" after Billy believes the bet is over?
(a) In a hollowed out gatepost.
(b) In the ghost tree.
(c) In a hollowed out tree.
(d) Down near the river.

11. Who becomes separated from the group during the storm?
(a) The judge.
(b) Grandpa.
(c) Papa.
(d) Billy.

12. What criteria must all entrants into the hunting contest in Chapter 14 meet?
(a) They need to have caught a certain number of raccoons.
(b) They only have to pay a registration fee.
(c) They must be at least 18 years old.
(d) They must be seasoned hunters.

13. What does Billy find when he visits to the dogs' graves before leaving home?
(a) A sycamore tree growing up between them.
(b) A grave marker made by his father.
(c) The old KC Baking Powder can.
(d) A red fern growing up between them.

14. Why does Billy decide not to kill the "ghost coon"?
(a) When the raccoon cries, Billy is sympathetic to its feelings.
(b) He wants to allow the dogs to kill it.
(c) His grandfather tells him not to kill it.
(d) He believes killing animals is immoral.

15. Why does Old Dan lure Billy out on to the ice pack?
(a) Little Ann has located the raccoon.
(b) He is caught in the freezing water.
(c) Little Ann is caught in the freezing water.
(d) He is caught on the ice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Billy finally notice about his mother as the family discusses the hunting competition over dinner?

2. How does Billy prepare Little Ann for the beauty contest?

3. What creature does Old Dan tree one day after the competition?

4. What does Billy realize when he hears Old Dan bay while out on the ice?

5. Where does Little Ann die?

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