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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Billy plan on paying his grandfather for the bag of candy he gets from his store?
(a) With money he got for his birthday.
(b) With the money he has saved.
(c) With the earnings from the sale of his first coonskin.
(d) By working in his grandfather's store.

2. Why does the unnamed man in Chapter 1 leave his gate open?
(a) To welcome visitors.
(b) To allow other dogs to take refuge in his yard.
(c) In case the dog returns.
(d) To allow the dog to roam freely.

3. What item does Billy need to train the dogs as trackers?
(a) A raccoon.
(b) A whistle.
(c) A coon skin.
(d) Leashes.

4. What does the Tahlequah schoolboy do that leads Billy to hit him in Chapter 5?
(a) The boy makes fun of Billy's appearance.
(b) The boy pulls the ears of one of the puppies.
(c) The boy steps on Billy's bare foot with his cowboy boot.
(d) The boy tries to steal the puppies.

5. What happens to Billy when he tries to join in with the activity the children at the playground in Tahlequah are participating in?
(a) He splatters on to the ground.
(b) He is too frightened to slide down.
(c) He gets caught on the pipe.
(d) The children laugh at him.

6. What is unique about the area that Billy's family lives in when he is young?
(a) It is remote.
(b) It is isolated and rural.
(c) It is the best hunting land in the country.
(d) It is near a river.

7. How does Billy's grandfather react when Billy shows him the money he has saved?
(a) He is shocked because he didn't believe Billy could do it.
(b) He is angry that the boy is not giving the money to his family.
(c) He becomes choked up because Billy has been saving for so long.
(d) He is excited that Billy will finally be able to purchase the puppies.

8. Which of the following phrases does NOT characterize Old Dan?
(a) Tough, but friendly.
(b) Devoted to Billy.
(c) Little Ann's protector.
(d) Sweet and loving.

9. In Chapter 5, what does Billy see the train stationmaster doing that gives him the courage to enter the depot?
(a) Laughing.
(b) Caring for his canary.
(c) Putting the puppies.
(d) Talking to another child.

10. What does the unnamed man in Chapter 1 conclude about the dog after noticing his paws are worn?
(a) He has traveled a long way.
(b) He has walked through the woods.
(c) He has been abused.
(d) He has been taken hunting many times.

11. Why does Old Dan not want to get into Billy's grandfather's buggy in Chapter 9?
(a) He is not tired and hungry.
(b) He does not want to leave the coon in the tree.
(c) He is afraid of the buggy.
(d) He does not want to leave Little Ann.

12. How does Billy react to the town of Tahlequah?
(a) He is excited.
(b) He is overwhelmed.
(c) He is confused.
(d) He is frightened.

13. Why does Billy decide to chop down the tree in Chapter 8 that the dogs have treed their first raccoon in?
(a) He is self assured and confident.
(b) The dogs will not leave the raccoon they have trapped in the tree.
(c) He is desperate to catch his first raccoon.
(d) The tree is in the way of the raccoon.

14. How does the dog in Chapter 1 show the unnamed man he is feeling better?
(a) He makes himself at home in the man's house.
(b) He licks him.
(c) He eats a large amount of food.
(d) He leaves to walk back home.

15. Which of the following is NOT something Billy's grandfather agrees to do to help the boy purchase the puppies?
(a) Contact the kennel to make sure they are still in business.
(b) Keep Billy's plan to purchase the puppies a secret.
(c) Place the order for the dogs.
(d) Lend Billy the money to purchase the puppies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event helps Mama understand why Billy is determined to cut down "The Big Tree"?

2. Why does Old Dan run up a hollow tree during a hunt?

3. What happens to Old Dan when he follows a raccoon under water during a hunt?

4. Why does Billy decide to walk to Tahlequah?

5. What do the other hunters tease Billy about when they talk at his grandfather's store?

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