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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Tahlequah marshal give Billy before he leaves Tahlequah?
(a) A pair of shoes.
(b) Food.
(c) A soda.
(d) A ride to the main road.

2. What type of dog is being attacked by the other dogs in Chapter 1?
(a) A redbone hound dog.
(b) A retriever.
(c) An Irish setter.
(d) A bloodhound.

3. What does Billy do to gather strength when he believes he can no longer chop the tree down?
(a) He rests and eats a hot meal.
(b) He asks his father for help.
(c) He prays to God for strength.
(d) He looks at the faces of his two dogs.

4. In Chapter 5, what does Billy see the train stationmaster doing that gives him the courage to enter the depot?
(a) Caring for his canary.
(b) Talking to another child.
(c) Laughing.
(d) Putting the puppies.

5. What secret does Billy's grandfather keep for him?
(a) His plan to run away from home to become a hunter.
(b) His plan to save money to order the hound puppies.
(c) His continued interest in getting two puppies.
(d) His hound puppy purchase.

6. What does Billy do with the money he earns from hunting?
(a) He spends it on hunting supplies.
(b) He pays off his debts to his grandfather.
(c) He gives it to his father.
(d) He gives it to his mother.

7. What fear must Billy help the puppies overcome?
(a) A fear of water.
(b) A fear of dark places.
(c) A fear of trees.
(d) A fear of raccoons.

8. What is unique about the area that Billy's family lives in when he is young?
(a) It is remote.
(b) It is the best hunting land in the country.
(c) It is near a river.
(d) It is isolated and rural.

9. Where does the unnamed man assume the dog in Chapter 1 lives?
(a) Snake River.
(b) In the woods.
(c) Idaho.
(d) The Ozark Mountains.

10. Which of the following phrases does NOT characterize Little Ann?
(a) Extremely intelligent.
(b) Mama's helper.
(c) Old Dan's protector.
(d) Sweet and loving.

11. What does Billy see for the first time in the general store window in Chapter 4?
(a) His puppies.
(b) A pair of shoes.
(c) A buggy.
(d) A double-barreled gun.

12. What event helps Mama understand why Billy is determined to cut down "The Big Tree"?
(a) Old Dan's return to the tree during the night.
(b) Little Ann's return to the tree during the night.
(c) Billy's aching muscles.
(d) Billy's faith in God.

13. Why does Old Dan run up a hollow tree during a hunt?
(a) To follow the scent of a raccoon.
(b) To chase a raccoon that is in the tree.
(c) To chase Little Ann.
(d) To get a better view of the raccoon running away.

14. What does the individual who visits Billy in the afternoon after his pups have treed their first raccoon bring him?
(a) Lunch and a meal for the dogs.
(b) Water.
(c) Fresh clothes.
(d) A new ax blade.

15. What did Billy bring to Tahlequah to carry the puppies home in?
(a) A backpack.
(b) A wagon.
(c) A gunny sack.
(d) A box.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Billy and the puppies stop to rest on their journey home from Tahlequah?

2. Which of the following is NOT a way that the unnamed man in Chapter 1 helps the dog?

3. What does Billy observe the boys at the playground in Tahlequah doing that he wants to try for himself?

4. How many traps does Billy set up near the river in Chapter 7?

5. How does Billy react in Chapter 6 when he discovers his mother's concern for his absence?

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