Objects & Places from Where the Red Fern Grows

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The Abandoned Campsite

This location is where Billy finds what he needs, including the magazine ad offering hunting hounds, fishermen to buy his bait, the sycamore log on which he prays, and the names for his beloved dogs.


These are the prey in this story. They provide the challenge to the hunter and his dogs.

The Ghost Coon

This is a huge, elusive creature that Billy is unable to kill after trapping it.

Grandpa's Store

This location is a gathering place for hunters and others to socialize, share news, and trade for the things they need.

The town of Tahlequah

This location is, for Mama, the longed-for destination where her children can attend school.

Sycamore Trees/Logs

Billy prays several times near a these, and these present challenges to him throughout the novel.

Billy's Ax

This is the instrument of death for Rubin Pritchard, who falls on...

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