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Chapter 1

• An unnamed old man walks home from work and comes upon a dog fight. He notices the dog being attacked is a redbone hound.

• The old man helps the hound out of the fight and takes him home.

• He feeds the dog and nurses his wounds.
• The dog leaves, presumably for the Ozark Mountains.

• The old man lights a fire and begins remembering the dogs of his youth.

Chapter 2

• Billy is sick with puppy love. He desperately wants two coon hounds.

• Billy's parents cannot afford two hound puppies, but instead offer him a collie puppy.

• Billy becomes depressed and loses his appetite.
• Billy's mother insists his father do something to help Billy.

• Billy's father asks his son to help him in the fields. Billy enthusiastically agrees.

Chapter 3

• Billy discovers an old sportsman's magazine with an ad for redbone hound puppies. Each is $25.

• Billy begins saving money for...

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