Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Grace Lin
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Chapters 1-12

• Chapter 1: The story opens on the Jade River near the Fruitless Mountain in a small village which contains an even smaller home.

• A young girl named Minli lives there with her parents, Ba and Ma.

• Minli asks Ba why nothing grows on Fruitless Mountain and Ba tells her a story.

• In the story, Jade Dragon made the rain across the land until she heard the people complain about the rain; angry, she refused to give any rain to the people and they began to die.
• Jade Dragon's children, Pearl, Yellow, Long and Black, decided to help the people and turned themselves into four rivers.

• Jade Dragon was heart-broken and turned herself into the Jade River.

• Fruitless Mountain, says Ba, is fruitless because it is the place where Jade Dragon's soul is trapped.

• The Mountain will only grow green when her spirit is reunited with her children...

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