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Short Answer Questions

1. How do Uncle Philip and Christopher reach the city center?

2. What does Christopher remember about Uncle Philip on the day of the plump-faced man's visit?

3. What does the event Osbourne takes Christopher to turn out to be?

4. After leading Christopher in the crowded city center, what does Uncle Philip do?

5. What delightful news does Mei Li deliver to Christopher at the end of the chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sarah tell Christopher about marriage?

2. Where is Charles Emery's body found?

3. What does Christopher remember about Uncle Philip on the day of Wang Ku's visit?

4. Describe two examples of what Christopher refers to as "someone disapproving him and only just managing to conceal it."

5. Describe the opium campaign meetings.

6. Describe Christopher's residence in 1937.

7. What are Christopher's earliest encounters with Sarah like?

8. How is Christopher's relationship with Mei Li transformed by his mother's abduction?

9. Describe the visit of the health inspector to Christopher's home in Shanghai.

10. How does Christopher tend to remember his boyhood companion Akira?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Sir Cecil Medhurst? What does he represent to Christopher? How does his demise change the direction of Christopher Bank's future?

Essay Topic 2

In chapter sixteen, Sarah urges Christopher to run away with her to Macao. What does Macao represent? Why is Macao particularly enticing to Christopher when Sarah asks him? On an emotional level, what prevents Christopher from making it there?

Essay Topic 3

Kazuo Ishiguro is very specific about dates and years In WHEN WE WERE ORPHANS. Why is specificity of time crucial to the story? What does it reveal about the narrator? How does it affect the reader? How does this specificity contrast with Christopher's highly subjective memories of his past?

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