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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the little girl tell Christopher about?
(a) A dog that is hurt.
(b) A bird that is hurt.
(c) A fish that is hurt.
(d) A cat that is hurt.

2. Why does Christopher's driver stop when they are looking for the blind actor's house?
(a) Christopher's driver turns out to be a spy.
(b) The car runs out of gas.
(c) The car is hit by a rocket.
(d) Christopher and the driver come upon the war zone.

3. Why can the police not send someone with Christopher to the blind man's house?
(a) The police do not trust Christopher.
(b) The police are short on men.
(c) The police are afraid of the neighborhood.
(d) The police are working for the mob.

4. What is the truth about Christopher's mother?
(a) Wang Ku takes her as his concubine.
(b) Uncle Philip shoots her.
(c) She runs away to the United States.
(d) She commits suicide.

5. What becomes of Inspector Kung?
(a) Kung becomes a Buddhist monk.
(b) Kung is murdered in a bar fight.
(c) Kung becomes a drunk and an opium addict.
(d) Kung becomes the most successful detective in all of Asia.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Christopher behave the morning after Sarah's invitation?

2. How many days is Christopher in town before Morgan telephones him?

3. What do the Japanese soldiers do with Christopher?

4. What killings does Christopher ask MacDonald about?

5. What do the Japanese soldiers tell Christopher about Akira?

Short Essay Questions

1. What odd habit does Christopher observe in the people of Shanghai?

2. At Christopher's welcome party, what is the crowd's response to the explosion heard outside?

3. What does Christopher do after he is certain he and Akira have not been pursued?

4. Describe Christopher's encounter with Sarah and Sir Cecil at the Lucky Chance Club.

5. Describe Christopher and Akira's entry into Yeh Chen's house.

6. What vital clue does Kung reveal to Christopher?

7. How does Christopher spend his afternoon before meeting up with Sarah and Sir Cecil at the Lucky Chance Club?

8. What does Uncle Philip say happened to Christopher's parents?

9. How does Christopher feel about his reunion with Akira?

10. What is Jennifer's proposal for herself and Christopher?

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