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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the date and location of Part V?
(a) September 29, 1937, Shanghai.
(b) September 20, 1937, Shanghai.
(c) September 23, 1931, Shanghai.
(d) September 29, 1931, Shanghai.

2. What does Christopher find in the house?
(a) Nothing and no one.
(b) A cat and three human corpses.
(c) A fish and three human corpses.
(d) A dog and three human corpses.

3. What do the Japanese soldiers tell Christopher about Akira?
(a) Akira is suspected of being a traitor.
(b) Akira is needed at the base.
(c) Akira is a brave soldier.
(d) Akira is a homosexual.

4. What does Uncle Philip ask Christopher to do?
(a) Kill him.
(b) Take all his money.
(c) Burn down his house.
(d) Have him arrested.

5. What does Kung remember about the house his men could not gain entry to?
(a) Kung remembers there was a maple tree in the front yard.
(b) Kung remembers the house burned down years ago.
(c) Kung remembers it was yellow.
(d) Kung fails to remember anything.

6. What are the date and location of Part VI?
(a) October 20, 1937, London.
(b) October 20, 1937, Shanghai.
(c) Ocboter 29, 1937, Shanghai.
(d) October 29, 1937, London.

7. Who does Yellow Snake turn out to be?
(a) Christopher's father.
(b) Uncle Philip.
(c) Christopher's mother.
(d) Akira.

8. Under what circumstances would Sarah leave Shanghai?
(a) If someone comes to her rescue.
(b) If the Japanes win the war.
(c) If Sir Cecil dies.
(d) If Christopher finds his parents.

9. Who turns out to be the senior intelligence man?
(a) Mr. MacDonald.
(b) Akira.
(c) Inspector Kung.
(d) Mr. Grayson.

10. Where does Christopher ask his driver to point him?
(a) A public house.
(b) A police station.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) A safehouse.

11. Who does the Japanese soldier Christopher come upon turn out to be?
(a) An Englishman.
(b) A spy for Yellow Snake.
(c) A Chinese spy.
(d) Akira.

12. Where does the girl urge Christopher to go?
(a) To the hospital.
(b) Into the house.
(c) To the city center.
(d) To the police station.

13. What does Sir Cecil call Sarah?
(a) My little angel.
(b) My little sugarplum.
(c) My little pony.
(d) My little vagabond.

14. What does Christopher tell Jennifer about his love life?
(a) Christopher says he has never been in love in his whole life.
(b) Christopher says it is too late for him.
(c) Christopher says he hopes to marry again.
(d) Christopher says he is a homosexual.

15. Inspector Kung telephones Christopher with what news?
(a) Inspector Kung wishes to become Christopher's partner.
(b) Inspector Kung is leaving Shanghai for London in two days.
(c) Inspector Kung is going to rehab to deal with his opium addiction.
(d) Inspector Kung remembers that the house Christopher wishes to find is across the street from a blind man's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the truth about Christopher's mother?

2. Where does Christopher meet Sarah on the day they are to leave?

3. How is Christopher greeted at the police station?

4. Where does Christopher find Inspector Kung?

5. Who comes out of the house in question?

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