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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the cause of the explosion that rocks the ball room while Grayson and Christopher are speaking?
(a) A Japanese warship is firing shells.
(b) An American warship is firing shells.
(c) Someone has bombed the British Embassy.
(d) A Chinese warship is firing shells.

2. What does the little girl tell Christopher about?
(a) A dog that is hurt.
(b) A fish that is hurt.
(c) A cat that is hurt.
(d) A bird that is hurt.

3. What does Uncle Philip say happened to Christopher's father?
(a) His father ran off with his mistress.
(b) His father joined the circus.
(c) His father died in a boating accident.
(d) His father shot himself in the head.

4. What is the truth about Christopher's mother?
(a) Uncle Philip shoots her.
(b) Wang Ku takes her as his concubine.
(c) She runs away to the United States.
(d) She commits suicide.

5. How does Christopher know when he has found the blind man's house?
(a) Christopher finds a board on the ground bearing the blind man's name.
(b) Christopher feels it intuitively.
(c) Christopher recognizes the house from his childhood.
(d) Christopher is told by a man in the street.

6. Inspector Kung telephones Christopher with what news?
(a) Inspector Kung is going to rehab to deal with his opium addiction.
(b) Inspector Kung wishes to become Christopher's partner.
(c) Inspector Kung is leaving Shanghai for London in two days.
(d) Inspector Kung remembers that the house Christopher wishes to find is across the street from a blind man's house.

7. Who ends up knowing where the blind man lives?
(a) Colonel Chamberlain.
(b) Sarah Hemmings.
(c) The driver who takes Christopher to meet Sarah.
(d) Inspector Kung.

8. How many days is Christopher in town before Morgan telephones him?
(a) Four.
(b) One.
(c) Six.
(d) Three.

9. What does Sarah say is all part of what Shanghai's all about?
(a) Smoking opium.
(b) Being low-life.
(c) Playing chess.
(d) Living the high life.

10. What does Christopher tell Jennifer about his love life?
(a) Christopher says it is too late for him.
(b) Christopher says he is a homosexual.
(c) Christopher says he hopes to marry again.
(d) Christopher says he has never been in love in his whole life.

11. How is Christopher's mother when he finds her?
(a) Christopher's mother has lost her mind and no longer recognizes him.
(b) Christopher's mother is catatonic.
(c) Chistopher's mother is furious with him for leaving her.
(d) Christopher's mother is happy and healthy living in Hong Kong.

12. Who turns out to be the senior intelligence man?
(a) Mr. MacDonald.
(b) Inspector Kung.
(c) Akira.
(d) Mr. Grayson.

13. How does Christopher behave the morning after Sarah's invitation?
(a) Christopher finds Akira and tells him he will be leaving Shanghai.
(b) Christopher calls Jennifer and tells her he will be leaving Shanghai.
(c) Christopher behaves as though he is not leaving Shanghai.
(d) Christopher calls the police and lets them know he will be leaving Shanghai.

14. Under what circumstances would Sarah leave Shanghai?
(a) If the Japanes win the war.
(b) If Sir Cecil dies.
(c) If Christopher finds his parents.
(d) If someone comes to her rescue.

15. How old is Jennifer at the end of the book?
(a) Twenty-seven.
(b) Eighteen.
(c) Thirty-one.
(d) Twenty-one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the date and location of Part VI?

2. What are the date and location of Part V?

3. Why can the police not send someone with Christopher to the blind man's house?

4. What makes it difficult to recognize Uncle Philip when Christopher reunites with him?

5. What landmark is Christopher looking for?

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