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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes out of the house in question?
(a) A withered old man.
(b) A six-year-old girl.
(c) Christopher's father.
(d) A beautiful young woman.

2. How is Christopher's mother when he finds her?
(a) Christopher's mother is happy and healthy living in Hong Kong.
(b) Chistopher's mother is furious with him for leaving her.
(c) Christopher's mother has lost her mind and no longer recognizes him.
(d) Christopher's mother is catatonic.

3. How does Christopher behave the morning after Sarah's invitation?
(a) Christopher calls Jennifer and tells her he will be leaving Shanghai.
(b) Christopher behaves as though he is not leaving Shanghai.
(c) Christopher calls the police and lets them know he will be leaving Shanghai.
(d) Christopher finds Akira and tells him he will be leaving Shanghai.

4. What does Kung remember about the house his men could not gain entry to?
(a) Kung remembers it was yellow.
(b) Kung remembers the house burned down years ago.
(c) Kung remembers there was a maple tree in the front yard.
(d) Kung fails to remember anything.

5. Where does Christopher meet Sarah on the day they are to leave?
(a) The city center.
(b) The Inn of Morning Happiness.
(c) Nanking Road.
(d) A phonograph store.

6. What ceremony does Mr. Grayson claim to be in charge of?
(a) The welcoming ceremony for Christopher.
(b) The welcoming ceremony for the Japanese.
(c) The welcoming ceremony for Christopher's parents.
(d) The welcoming ceremony for the Americans.

7. What is the truth about Christopher's mother?
(a) Uncle Philip shoots her.
(b) She runs away to the United States.
(c) She commits suicide.
(d) Wang Ku takes her as his concubine.

8. How is Christopher greeted at the police station?
(a) Enthusiastically.
(b) Coldly.
(c) Warmly.
(d) Luke-warmly

9. How does Christopher feel about his chances of bringing his case in Shanghai to a happy conclusion?
(a) Christopher feels ambivalent.
(b) Christopher feels optimistic.
(c) Christopher feels pessimistic.
(d) Christopher feels cautious.

10. What is Sir Cecil's state of mind at the Lucky Chance Club?
(a) Sir Cecil is quite inebriated.
(b) Sir Cecil is perfectly lucid.
(c) Sir Cecil is high on opium.
(d) Sir Cecil is very energetic.

11. What does Sir Cecil call Sarah?
(a) My little sugarplum.
(b) My little vagabond.
(c) My little angel.
(d) My little pony.

12. What do the Japanese soldiers do with Christopher?
(a) The soldiers give Christopher a shot of whisky from a flask.
(b) The soldiers take Christopher to their camp and take care of him.
(c) The soldiers arrest Christopher.
(d) The soldiers beat Christopher up.

13. What becomes of Inspector Kung?
(a) Kung becomes a drunk and an opium addict.
(b) Kung becomes a Buddhist monk.
(c) Kung is murdered in a bar fight.
(d) Kung becomes the most successful detective in all of Asia.

14. What landmark is Christopher looking for?
(a) The North Furnace.
(b) The East Furnace.
(c) The South Furnace.
(d) The West Furnace.

15. What is the date and location of Part VII?
(a) November 23, 1957, London.
(b) November 1, 1956, London.
(c) Novmeber 20, 1952, London.
(d) November 14, 1958, London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Christopher's thoughts about Sarah at the end of the book?

2. Where does Christopher find Inspector Kung?

3. How does Kung respond when Christopher identifies himself as a long time fan?

4. What does Sarah say is all part of what Shanghai's all about?

5. How does Christopher know when he has found the blind man's house?

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