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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of music does the French pianist play?
(a) Chopin and Debussy.
(b) Bizet and Gershwin.
(c) Beethoven and Mozart.
(d) Bach and Stravinsky.

2. How does Christopher feel before Uncle Philip tells him what happened to his mother?
(a) As though a gun had been put in his mouth.
(b) As though he were about to fall off a cliff.
(c) As though he were about to ride an enormous rollercoaster.
(d) As though a vast black space had opened up behind him.

3. Under what circumstances would Sarah leave Shanghai?
(a) If Christopher finds his parents.
(b) If someone comes to her rescue.
(c) If Sir Cecil dies.
(d) If the Japanes win the war.

4. Why does Christopher's escort leave him?
(a) Christopher's escort has pressing business out of town.
(b) Christopher's escort believes Christopher will be safer alone because he is white.
(c) Christopher's escort is attempting to sabotage Christopher.
(d) Christopher's escort gets a call from his wife.

5. What ceremony does Mr. Grayson claim to be in charge of?
(a) The welcoming ceremony for the Americans.
(b) The welcoming ceremony for Christopher's parents.
(c) The welcoming ceremony for the Japanese.
(d) The welcoming ceremony for Christopher.

6. What landmark is Christopher looking for?
(a) The East Furnace.
(b) The South Furnace.
(c) The West Furnace.
(d) The North Furnace.

7. How does Christopher know when he has found the blind man's house?
(a) Christopher feels it intuitively.
(b) Christopher recognizes the house from his childhood.
(c) Christopher finds a board on the ground bearing the blind man's name.
(d) Christopher is told by a man in the street.

8. How does Kung respond when Christopher identifies himself as a long time fan?
(a) Kung is insulted.
(b) Kung is wounded.
(c) Kung is unresponsive.
(d) Kung is pleased.

9. What does Christopher learn about his financial resources?
(a) Christopher's money has been coming from Inspector Kung.
(b) Christopher's money has been coming from his mother.
(c) Christopher's money has been coming from Wang Ku.
(d) Christopher's money has been coming from Uncle Philip.

10. Where does Christopher ask his driver to point him?
(a) A public house.
(b) A safehouse.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) A police station.

11. How does Christopher behave the morning after Sarah's invitation?
(a) Christopher calls Jennifer and tells her he will be leaving Shanghai.
(b) Christopher finds Akira and tells him he will be leaving Shanghai.
(c) Christopher calls the police and lets them know he will be leaving Shanghai.
(d) Christopher behaves as though he is not leaving Shanghai.

12. What are Christopher's thoughts about Sarah at the end of the book?
(a) Christopher believes Sarah realized her dreams.
(b) Christopher is unconvinced Sarah found what she was looking for.
(c) Christopher believes Sarah always loved him.
(d) Christopher believes Sarah became Wang Ku's concubine.

13. Who comes out of the house in question?
(a) Christopher's father.
(b) A withered old man.
(c) A six-year-old girl.
(d) A beautiful young woman.

14. How many days is Christopher in town before Morgan telephones him?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Six.
(d) One.

15. According to Sir Cecil, for what do people often mistake Sarah?
(a) A waitress.
(b) An actress.
(c) A princess.
(d) A harlot.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Japanese soldiers tell Christopher about Akira?

2. Where is Christopher told he may find Sir Cecil and Sarah?

3. How is Christopher greeted at the police station?

4. What becomes of Inspector Kung?

5. Inspector Kung telephones Christopher with what news?

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