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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sarah say to Christopher about the Foundation dinner?
(a) Sarah says it has been a marvelous evening.
(b) Sarah says it has been an embarrassing evening.
(c) Sarah says it has been a dull evening.
(d) Sarah says it has been a passable evening.

2. Where does Christopher keep his newspaper photograph of Wang Ku?
(a) In a cigar box.
(b) In his scrapbook.
(c) In his icebox.
(d) In his wallet.

3. According to Akira, why do Christopher's parents stop speaking to one another?
(a) Because Christopher's mother objects to her husband's work.
(b) Because Akira is "not enough Japanese."
(c) Because Christopher's parents have hurt each other's feelings.
(d) Because Christopher is "not enough Englishman."

4. What game do Christopher and Akira invent?
(a) An army game where Christopher and Akira attack America.
(b) A spy game where Christopher and Akira hunt down druglords.
(c) A detective game where Christopher and Akira rescue Mr. Banks.
(d) A magic game where Christopher and Akira cast spells on Ling Tien.

5. How many days pass before Christopher sees Akira on Etsuko's bicycle?
(a) Three or four days.
(b) Two or three days.
(c) Five or six days.
(d) One or two days.

6. What is Akira's reaction when he discovers a tear in his kimono?
(a) Akira weeps and rolls on the ground.
(b) Akira is glad because the kimono belongs to his sister.
(c) Akira laughs and says it would be silly to get upset over a tear in a coat.
(d) Akira is afraid his mother and father will make him go back to Japan.

7. Why does Christopher become irritated with Chamberlain at the Dorchester?
(a) Christopher takes exception to the picture Chamberlain paints of him as a child traveling to England.
(b) Chamberlain gets very drunk and won't stop talking.
(c) Christopher dislikes the way the Colonel speaks to him.
(d) Chamberlain has very bad breath.

8. What does the event Osbourne takes Christopher to turn out to be?
(a) A secret meeting.
(b) A trap.
(c) An enchanting evening.
(d) A major disappointment.

9. How does Akira feel about Ling Tien?
(a) Akira thinks of him as a father.
(b) Akira regards him as an object of ridicule.
(c) Akira finds Ling Tien amusing.
(d) Akira is deeply afraid of Ling Tien.

10. How do Akira and Christopher dress when they play outside?
(a) Pants, shirts and baseball caps.
(b) Shirts, shorts and on hotter days, a sunhat.
(c) Traditional Chinese clothing.
(d) Short pants and jackets, and on hotter days, a sunhat.

11. What kind of publishing does Osbourne say he is thinking of going into?
(a) Magazines.
(b) Novels.
(c) Newspapers.
(d) Poems.

12. What is the time and place of Part II?
(a) London, 15th May 1931.
(b) Shanghai, 8th November 1912.
(c) Shanghai, 15th May 1931.
(d) London, 8th November 1937.

13. Where does Christopher unexpectedly reunite with Colonel Chamberlain?
(a) In a bookshop on Charing Cross Road.
(b) At the Lucky Chance Club.
(c) In the Palm Court of the Waldorf.
(d) In a crowded square in Shanghai.

14. What is Christopher's response to Sarah's proposal that he take her to the Meredith Foundation dinner?
(a) Christopher declines.
(b) Christopher says he must think about it.
(c) Christopher says he has not been invited himself.
(d) Christopher accepts.

15. How does Mrs. Banks respond to the health inspector's suggestion?
(a) Mrs. Banks breaks into a tirade.
(b) Mrs. Banks says nothing and walks away.
(c) Mrs. Banks says she will consider the suggestion.
(d) Mrs. Banks quietly agrees.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Miss Givens strike Christopher in her interview?

2. What does Jennifer just barely avoid knocking over?

3. What kind of person is the Banks's typical house guest in Shanghai?

4. How does old Christopher remember Colonel Chamberlain?

5. How old are Akira and Christopher when they finally enter Ling Tien's room?

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