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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lady Beaton's first reaction to Christopher's proposal that he adopt Jennifer?
(a) Lady Beaton recoils with suspicion.
(b) Lady Beaton immediately says yes.
(c) Lady Beaton immediately leaves Christopher's presence.
(d) Lady Beaton laughs out loud.

2. What does Christopher remember about Uncle Philip on the day of the plump-faced man's visit?
(a) Uncle Philip had just gotten a hair cut.
(b) Uncle Phillip seemed not to be on Christopher's family's side.
(c) Uncle Philip had a big wad of money.
(d) Uncle Philip seemed to be preoccupied.

3. How does Miss Givens strike Christopher in her interview?
(a) Sullen and pious.
(b) Light and breezy.
(c) Dull and cold.
(d) Dark and dangerous.

4. What musical instrument does Uncle Philip encourage Christopher to go with him to see?
(a) A piano.
(b) A violin.
(c) A piano accordion.
(d) A flute.

5. What becomes of Ling Tien's bottle of lotion?
(a) Akira buries it in his backyard.
(b) Akira's sister returns it.
(c) Akira burns it in the fireplace.
(d) Akira's mother finds it and scolds him.

6. When Christopher comes to London from Cambridge he takes a flat in what neighborhood?
(a) Knotting Hill.
(b) Downtown.
(c) Kensington.
(d) Hyde Park.

7. How many days pass before Christopher sees Akira on Etsuko's bicycle?
(a) Three or four days.
(b) Two or three days.
(c) Five or six days.
(d) One or two days.

8. What game do Christopher and Akira invent?
(a) A detective game where Christopher and Akira rescue Mr. Banks.
(b) An army game where Christopher and Akira attack America.
(c) A spy game where Christopher and Akira hunt down druglords.
(d) A magic game where Christopher and Akira cast spells on Ling Tien.

9. What is Christopher's reaction to the "bursting-in" moment his father referred to?
(a) Christopher is amused by the encounter.
(b) Christopher is bewildered by the experience.
(c) Christopher has no particular reaction to the moment.
(d) Christopher is deeply saddened by the experience.

10. How does Christopher feel about Uncle Philip?
(a) Christopher is afraid of him.
(b) Christopher is irritated by him.
(c) Christopher is secretly in love with him.
(d) Christopher is quite fond of him.

11. Why does Christopher become irritated with Chamberlain at the Dorchester?
(a) Christopher takes exception to the picture Chamberlain paints of him as a child traveling to England.
(b) Chamberlain gets very drunk and won't stop talking.
(c) Christopher dislikes the way the Colonel speaks to him.
(d) Chamberlain has very bad breath.

12. What is the date of Part III?
(a) Novermber 8, 1931.
(b) November 30, 1937.
(c) April 12, 1937.
(d) April 30, 1931.

13. What kind of tree rises out of the mound in Christopher's garden in Shanghai?
(a) An oak tree.
(b) A maple tree.
(c) A bonzai tree.
(d) A pine tree.

14. What is Christopher's relationship to James Osbourne?
(a) They are old school friends.
(b) They play football together.
(c) They belong to the same club.
(d) They are cricket teammates.

15. What does Uncle Philip do every time Christopher visits his office?
(a) Uncle Philip allows Christopher to drink a little whisky.
(b) Uncle Philip gives Christopher a present.
(c) Uncle Philip takes Christopher out for ice cream.
(d) Uncle Philip acts very "put-off" with Christopher.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Akira and Christopher dress when they play outside?

2. What does the silver-haired man offer Christopher?

3. What does the event Osbourne takes Christopher to turn out to be?

4. What are the circumstances of Akira and Christopher's entry into Ling Tien's room?

5. What does Mrs. Banks tell Christopher to reassure him?

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