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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Christopher become irritated with Chamberlain at the Dorchester?
(a) Christopher takes exception to the picture Chamberlain paints of him as a child traveling to England.
(b) Chamberlain gets very drunk and won't stop talking.
(c) Chamberlain has very bad breath.
(d) Christopher dislikes the way the Colonel speaks to him.

2. What becomes of Ling Tien's bottle of lotion?
(a) Akira's sister returns it.
(b) Akira burns it in the fireplace.
(c) Akira buries it in his backyard.
(d) Akira's mother finds it and scolds him.

3. What game do Christopher and Akira invent?
(a) A spy game where Christopher and Akira hunt down druglords.
(b) An army game where Christopher and Akira attack America.
(c) A magic game where Christopher and Akira cast spells on Ling Tien.
(d) A detective game where Christopher and Akira rescue Mr. Banks.

4. How does Sarah get into the Foundation dinner without an invitation?
(a) Sarah does not attend the Foundation dinner.
(b) Sarah disguises herself as the guest of honor.
(c) Sarah makes a big, emotional scene.
(d) Sarah sneaks in the back.

5. How does Christopher feel about Uncle Philip?
(a) Christopher is secretly in love with him.
(b) Christopher is quite fond of him.
(c) Christopher is irritated by him.
(d) Christopher is afraid of him.

6. While pondering a case in Kensington Gardens, Christopher runs in to which character?
(a) Joe Turner.
(b) James Osbourne.
(c) Colonel Chamberlain.
(d) Sarah Hemmings.

7. Where is Mr. Banks's study?
(a) At the British consulate.
(b) On the uppermost floor of the house.
(c) In London.
(d) Next door to Uncle Philip's office.

8. When Christopher comes to London from Cambridge he takes a flat in what neighborhood?
(a) Knotting Hill.
(b) Downtown.
(c) Kensington.
(d) Hyde Park.

9. Where are Mr. Banks and Christopher when Mr. Banks brings up the time Christopher and his mother "burst in" on him?
(a) The Public Gardens.
(b) Downtown Shanghai.
(c) Their backyard.
(d) Mr. Banks's study.

10. What is the first question Christopher asks Sir Cecil?
(a) Christopher asks if he has spent any time recently in Shanghai.
(b) Christopher asks him if he has a drink.
(c) Christopher asks him if he has any crimes that need to be solved.
(d) Christopher asks him if he knows Sarah Hemmings.

11. How long does it take Christopher to unravel the mystery of Charles Emory's death?
(a) Over two years.
(b) Many weeks.
(c) Twenty four hours.
(d) No more than a few days.

12. Where does Christopher unexpectedly reunite with Colonel Chamberlain?
(a) In the Palm Court of the Waldorf.
(b) In a crowded square in Shanghai.
(c) At the Lucky Chance Club.
(d) In a bookshop on Charing Cross Road.

13. What is Colonel Chamberlain's relationship to Christopher?
(a) The Colonel is Christopher's uncle.
(b) The Colonel is Christopher's second cousin.
(c) The Colonel takes Christopher from Shanghai to England after his parents' abductions.
(d) The Colonel becomes Christopher's guardian when he comes to London.

14. Where does Akira go at the end of the summer?
(a) Akira goes to school in Japan.
(b) Akira goes to London.
(c) Akira goes to a Chinese concentration camp.
(d) Akira vanishes, and Christopher never learns where he goes.

15. What areas of Shanghai is young Christopher forbidden to enter?
(a) The American areas.
(b) The Japanese areas.
(c) The English areas.
(d) The Chinese areas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Philip do every time Christopher visits his office?

2. What is Christopher's initial response to the plump-faced man?

3. Why does Christopher tell Colonel Chamberlain that he doesn't think it will be necessary for him to go to England?

4. Whom does Christopher discover waiting for him when he arrives outside the Meredith Foundation dinner?

5. How does remembering the end of his relationship with Uncle Philip make Christopher feel?

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