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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the summer of the visit to Uncle Philip's office, what behavior of Akira's does Christopher begin to find particularly irksome?
(a) Akira's preoccupation with his bodily functions.
(b) Akira's overblown appreciation of his personal virtues.
(c) Akira's tendency to disappear for long periods of time.
(d) Akira's incessant harping on the achievements of the Japanese.

2. What are Miss Givens and Jennifer doing when they return from shopping?
(a) Holding hands.
(b) Laughing.
(c) Arguing.
(d) Crying.

3. What is Christopher's memory of Akira's house?
(a) Christopher remembers that Akira's house was very dilapidated.
(b) Strangely, Christopher has no recollection of his best friend's house.
(c) Christopher remembers it to be exactly the opposite of his family's.
(d) Christopher remembers it to be very similar to his family's from an architectural standpoint.

4. Years later what does Christopher recognize about the plump-faced man?
(a) The cigar he smokes.
(b) His smile.
(c) His cap, gown and pigtail.
(d) His face.

5. What does Sarah say to Christopher about the Foundation dinner?
(a) Sarah says it has been a passable evening.
(b) Sarah says it has been a marvelous evening.
(c) Sarah says it has been an embarrassing evening.
(d) Sarah says it has been a dull evening.

6. Where does Jennifer live before Christopher adopts her?
(a) France.
(b) America.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Canada.

7. How do Uncle Philip and Christopher reach the city center?
(a) On foot.
(b) In a carriage.
(c) In a motorcar.
(d) On bicycles.

8. What does the health inspector from Morganbrook and Byatt urge Mrs. Banks to do?
(a) Leave Shanghai immediately.
(b) Watch the New Year's parade.
(c) Leave her husband.
(d) Get rid of the servants.

9. What is Christopher's relationship to James Osbourne?
(a) They belong to the same club.
(b) They play football together.
(c) They are old school friends.
(d) They are cricket teammates.

10. What becomes of Ling Tien's bottle of lotion?
(a) Akira buries it in his backyard.
(b) Akira burns it in the fireplace.
(c) Akira's sister returns it.
(d) Akira's mother finds it and scolds him.

11. After leading Christopher in the crowded city center, what does Uncle Philip do?
(a) Uncle Philip buys Christopher an ice cream cone.
(b) Uncle Philip abandons Christopher in the crowd.
(c) Uncle Philip buys Christopher and accordion.
(d) Uncle Philip begins laughing hysterically.

12. What kind of publishing does Osbourne say he is thinking of going into?
(a) Novels.
(b) Magazines.
(c) Newspapers.
(d) Poems.

13. How does Christopher remember Uncle Philip's office?
(a) Christopher remembers it to be very ramshakle.
(b) Christopher remembers it to be very large.
(c) Christopher remembers it to be very tidy.
(d) Christopher remembers it to be very small.

14. What game do Christopher and Akira invent?
(a) A detective game where Christopher and Akira rescue Mr. Banks.
(b) A magic game where Christopher and Akira cast spells on Ling Tien.
(c) An army game where Christopher and Akira attack America.
(d) A spy game where Christopher and Akira hunt down druglords.

15. How does old Christopher remember Colonel Chamberlain?
(a) Hatefully.
(b) Sadly.
(c) Fondly.
(d) Ambivalently.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Christopher expected to do during his mother's opium campaign meetings?

2. How does Sarah get into the Foundation dinner without an invitation?

3. What is the last thing Uncle Philip says to Christopher?

4. On what terms do Christopher and Sarah leave after the Meredith Foundation dinner?

5. While pondering a case in Kensington Gardens, Christopher runs in to which character?

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