When We Were Orphans Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Christopher spend his time in the summer of 1923?

Christopher is in London. He enjoys the parks, the Reading Room at the British Museum. He strolls the streets of Kensington and contemplates his future.

2. How does Christopher receive his magnifying glass?

On Christopher's fourteenth birthday, Robert Thornton-Browne and Russell Stanton take him to a tea shop. They present him with a birthday present, which Christopher discovers to be a magnifying glass. This is surprising to Christopher as he had previously thought he had kept his aspiration to become a detective quite secret.

3. Describe Christopher's meeting with the silver-haired man.

On his way out of the party Osbourne invited him to, Christopher is noticed by an old man looking in a mirror. This man who has silver hair offers to introduce Christopher to anyone he likes. He then tells Christopher there is no point in chasing after someone like Sarah Hemmings.

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