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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sarah say to Christopher about the Foundation dinner?
(a) Sarah says it has been a marvelous evening.
(b) Sarah says it has been a passable evening.
(c) Sarah says it has been a dull evening.
(d) Sarah says it has been an embarrassing evening.

2. What do Christopher's friends give him for his fourteenth birthday?
(a) A woopie cushion.
(b) A magnifying glass.
(c) A croquet set.
(d) A cricket bat.

3. What is the Banks' "library" like?
(a) A small, dark room in the basement with a few encyclopedia volumes.
(b) The largest room in the house with miles and miles of books.
(c) A nook in the kitchen housing a shelf of classic works.
(d) An anteroom with walls lined with books.

4. How does Christopher's morning meeting with MacDonald go?
(a) Christopher detects a mysterious undertone to the meeting.
(b) Christopher mishandles the meeting.
(c) The meeting goes swimmingly.
(d) Christopher is very late for the meeting.

5. What is Uncle Philip's relationship to the Banks?
(a) Philip is a close family friend, not a real uncle to any of them.
(b) Philip is Mrs. Banks brother.
(c) Philip is Mrs. Banks uncle.
(d) Philip is Mr. Banks brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Christopher's relationship to James Osbourne?

2. What is odd about Mr. Banks's behavior in the fall that Akira is away?

3. What becomes of Ling Tien's bottle of lotion?

4. What becomes of Inspector Kung?

5. What does Christopher think about the quality of his memory of the Shanghai garden?

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