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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mei Li regard Christopher's education?
(a) As a matter of solemn importance.
(b) As a pain in the neck.
(c) As a triffling matter.
(d) As a completely irrelevant matter.

2. Years later what does Christopher recognize about the plump-faced man?
(a) His face.
(b) His cap, gown and pigtail.
(c) The cigar he smokes.
(d) His smile.

3. In chapter one Christopher remembers coming from Cambridge to London in the summer of which year?
(a) 1931.
(b) 1923.
(c) 1937.
(d) 1958.

4. What does Christopher overhear one day while working on his lessons with Mei Li in the library?
(a) A secret meeting on the opium trade.
(b) A band of thieves breaking into the house.
(c) A bitter quarrel between his parents.
(d) A lively party.

5. How does Osbourne offend Christopher?
(a) Osbourne insults Christopher's cooking.
(b) Osbourne calls Christopher's mother a "loose woman."
(c) Osbourne breaks Christopher's china.
(d) Osbourne claims Christopher was "such an odd bird in school."

Short Answer Questions

1. As a child what is Christopher's feeling about his ambition to become a great detective?

2. What becomes of Ling Tien's bottle of lotion?

3. Where does Christopher unexpectedly reunite with Colonel Chamberlain?

4. How does old Christopher recognize Wang Ku in the photograph?

5. What does Christopher suspect happened to Akira in Japan?

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