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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Christopher overhear one day while working on his lessons with Mei Li in the library?
(a) A bitter quarrel between his parents.
(b) A band of thieves breaking into the house.
(c) A lively party.
(d) A secret meeting on the opium trade.

2. Who surprises Christopher while he is investigating the Emory case?
(a) Inspector Kung.
(b) Sarah Hemmings.
(c) James Osbourne.
(d) Sir Cecil Medhurst.

3. Whom does Christopher discover waiting for him when he arrives outside the Meredith Foundation dinner?
(a) Sir Cecil Medhurst.
(b) Charles Emory.
(c) Jennifer.
(d) Sarah.

4. What kind of establishment is the Dorchester?
(a) A very fancy restaurant.
(b) A quaint tea room.
(c) A modest inn.
(d) A public house.

5. When his mother stops laughing suddenly outside his father's study, what is Christopher's first thought?
(a) That his mother is having a stroke.
(b) That he is about to be scolded.
(c) That his mother is about to surprise him.
(d) That his mother is about to yell at his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Christopher has an argument over the pronunciation of which English expression?

2. What does Christopher conclude happened to Charles Emory?

3. What is the tone of Cecil Medhurst's speech at the Meredith Foundation dinner?

4. On what terms do Christopher and Sarah leave after the Meredith Foundation dinner?

5. What kind of lawn did Christopher's family have in their garden in Shanghai?

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