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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the date of Part III?
(a) November 30, 1937.
(b) April 30, 1931.
(c) Novermber 8, 1931.
(d) April 12, 1937.

2. Who first tells Christopher about Jennifer?
(a) Mrs. Givens.
(b) Sarah Hemmings.
(c) Lady Beaton.
(d) Colonel Chamberlain.

3. Why does Christopher's driver stop when they are looking for the blind actor's house?
(a) The car runs out of gas.
(b) Christopher and the driver come upon the war zone.
(c) Christopher's driver turns out to be a spy.
(d) The car is hit by a rocket.

4. How does Mei Li regard Christopher's education?
(a) As a pain in the neck.
(b) As a matter of solemn importance.
(c) As a completely irrelevant matter.
(d) As a triffling matter.

5. What is the Banks' "library" like?
(a) An anteroom with walls lined with books.
(b) A small, dark room in the basement with a few encyclopedia volumes.
(c) The largest room in the house with miles and miles of books.
(d) A nook in the kitchen housing a shelf of classic works.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Philip do every time Christopher visits his office?

2. Where does Christopher ask his driver to point him?

3. How does Miss Givens strike Christopher in her interview?

4. What nickname do the Banks and Uncle Philip call Christopher?

5. Who ends up knowing where the blind man lives?

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