Objects & Places from When We Were Orphans

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The house and garden in Shaghai

This object is where Christopher played for hours on end with his best friend and next door neighbor, Akira.

The magnifying glass

This object was originally given to Christopher as a joke gift on his birthday by his school friends.


Christopher's mother is an activist campaigning against the trade of this object in China.


Sarah and Christopher ride on this object around London.

The Magic Lotion

Akira and Christopher steal this object from a servant's room.

Tea Room at Akira's House

This object is where Akira and Christopher hatch the plan to steal the lotion.

Cathy Hotel, Shanghai

This object is where Christopher stays upon his return to Shanghai.

Gramophone Shop

This object is where Sarah arranges to meet Christopher to elope.

The House Across from Yeh Chen's House

This object...

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