When We Were Orphans Fun Activities

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Fashion a costume!

Choose your favorite character from WHEN WE WERE ORPHANS and put together an outfit of clothes he or she might wear. Come to class dressed as the character you have chosen.


Prepare a visual presentation on the city of Shanghai. Include it's history, geography and culture.


Prepare a visual presentation of London. Make sure to include Mayfair, Kensington and the British Museum in your work.


Interview a detective in person or over the phone. Present your interview to the class as the person you interviewed.

Make a movie!

Choose a favorite scene from the novel and make a short film based on it to show the class.

Make a meal!

Learn to make a Shanghai-style dish. Prepare it and bring it in to class for everyone to try.

Period music!

Learn a song from any period in WHEN WE WERE ORPHANS. Perform...

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