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John Christopher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who opens the door when Laurie arrives where Andy is being held?
(a) Rudi's mother
(b) A villager Laurie doesn't know
(c) Rudi's father
(d) An officer from the police station

2. What does Rudi's mother say will soon happen to the study of science?
(a) It will be abandoned
(b) It will focus only on ways to rejuvenate the planet
(c) It will focus only on space exploration
(d) It will be taught by the Tripods

3. What does Laurie say he sees as the most important task for the group?
(a) Destroying Tripods
(b) Keeping food stocked in the tunnels
(c) Laying the foundations of freedom for future generations
(d) Finding ways to destroy Caps

4. What do they learn from a man at the airport about the Tripods?
(a) That they've left the Earth's orbit
(b) That they've returned to complete their mission
(c) That they've produced millions of Caps
(d) That they're on the verge of defeat

5. What kind of animals are seen by the group as they head up the mountain?
(a) Elk and a flock of geese
(b) Beaver and hawks
(c) A bear and a stray dog
(d) Deer and an eagle

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Martha tell Angela they are going to go?

2. How does Karl come to join the group?

3. What does Pa say he has a right to do because Laurie and Andy disobeyed him?

4. How many crew members are there on the plane?

5. How old is Rudi?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Laurie and Andy eventually able to escape?

2. What is the conversation Pa and Andy have about rats?

3. When Laurie and Angela are talking about Prince, Laurie realizes that their relationship is changing. Why is it changing and what does Laurie think about it?

4. What does Pa say about the reaction of the Swiss at the train station when Laurie and Andy get into a fight?

5. What does the family expect to find on their arrival in Guernsey and what do they really find?

6. How does Andy come to be held by the village police officer?

7. How are the Caps made permanent and how does Laurie learn about it?

8. What happens with regard to the Tripod destroyed in the avalanche?

9. Describe how the family gets from Guernsey to Switzerland.

10. What are the arguments against trying to destroy the Tripod that patrols near the tunnel?

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