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John Christopher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ilse going to Switzerland?
(a) Her mother is ill
(b) To buy antiques
(c) She's afraid of the Tripods
(d) Her father is ill

2. What does a student do with the issue of the Daily Mail that addressed Trippies?
(a) Reads it to the other students
(b) Burns it
(c) Tears it to shreds
(d) Takes it home

3. Which of the landings was sighted first?
(a) Montana
(b) The Soviet Union
(c) Dartmoor
(d) Tokoyo

4. What does Dr. Monmouth do to get Angela over her obsession?
(a) Burns the tapes
(b) Gives her Prozac
(c) Sedates her
(d) Hypnotizes her

5. Why does Pa give way to Martha's suggestion that they leave the country?
(a) Because Martha is a stronger person
(b) Because he sees no other option
(c) Because he knows she's right
(d) Because it was really his idea

6. What is the club Angela joins?
(a) The pony club
(b) The Trippy fan club
(c) The chess club
(d) The science club

7. Why does Laurie believe the attacks on the Tripods are not televised?
(a) Because people are tired of watching it
(b) Because they can't be destroyed
(c) Because people died in the attacks
(d) Because news cameras weren't allowed near

8. What does Pa say the booking clerk says when he tries to buy tickets to Switzerland?
(a) Fights are cancelled and Hail the Tripod
(b) He has to pay with cash and Hail the Tripod
(c) He can pay with a credit card as long as they are not wearing caps
(d) Only three people can leave and they have to prove they are not under the control of the Tripod

9. What does Aunt Caroline say about Nathanael when she talks to Laurie on the phone?
(a) That he's going to try to convert Laurie
(b) That he's safely at home
(c) That he's run away
(d) That he's been killed

10. What are Pa and Martha drinking while listening to the television broadcasts?
(a) Coffee
(b) Lemonade
(c) Soda
(d) Whiskey

11. What does Wild Bill say he did to another copy of the Daily Mail that addressed Trippies?
(a) Took it home
(b) Burned it
(c) Read it to the other teachers
(d) Tore it to shreds

12. When does Pa say they'll leave the country?
(a) Within the hour
(b) The following morning
(c) As soon as the weather clears
(d) The following week

13. How many rockets are fired from the approaching fighter-bombers?
(a) Two
(b) Too many to count
(c) Four
(d) Six

14. What is the name of Angela's pony?
(a) King
(b) Queen
(c) Prince
(d) Princess

15. How does the Tripod destroy the house?
(a) By stepping on it
(b) By smashing it with a tentacle
(c) It doesn't destroy it
(d) By burning it with a laser

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pa say he believes the Trippy show is an example of?

2. What is the name of the family's boat?

3. What kind of car does Uncle Ian drive?

4. Where does Laurie know Martha intends for the family to go?

5. What does Andy see outside the window that he points out to Laurie?

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