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John Christopher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the nickname Nathanael's parents use for him in informal situations?
(a) El
(b) There isn't one
(c) Nate
(d) Natty

2. Why does Laurie believe the attacks on the Tripods are not televised?
(a) Because they can't be destroyed
(b) Because people are tired of watching it
(c) Because news cameras weren't allowed near
(d) Because people died in the attacks

3. What is the reaction of the police when people are reported missing?
(a) Nothing because there are too many reports
(b) Nothing because the police are all hynotized
(c) They are putting runaways in jail
(d) They are bringing home anyone claiming to be a Trippy

4. Who is Ilse?
(a) Laurie's sister
(b) Laurie's stepmother
(c) Laurie's grandmother
(d) Laurie's mother

5. What do the boys do when they encounter a police roadblock?
(a) Stop to talk
(b) Ask for permission to pass
(c) Turn back to town
(d) Go around it

6. What happens to the dragon in the Trippy Show?
(a) It wins the battle
(b) It dissolves
(c) It's sent back to its cave
(d) It's killed by the knight

7. Where does Laurie know Martha intends for the family to go?
(a) Dartmoor
(b) Switzerland
(c) Guernsey
(d) London

8. What is the noise Laurie and Andy hear early the next morning?
(a) A thumping
(b) Silence
(c) A radio
(d) Explosions

9. What does Laurie see clinging to the legs of the Tripod?
(a) Sensors
(b) Vines
(c) Small Tripods
(d) People

10. Who is Nathanael?
(a) Laurie's cousin
(b) A neighbor
(c) A classmate
(d) Laurie's uncle

11. What does Laurie say is a big drawback to sharing a room with Andy?
(a) He likes the room cold
(b) He sleeps late
(c) He snores
(d) He rises early

12. Why does Pa give way to Martha's suggestion that they leave the country?
(a) Because he sees no other option
(b) Because Martha is a stronger person
(c) Because he knows she's right
(d) Because it was really his idea

13. What time does the first plane arrive on the scene?
(a) Within minutes of the attack
(b) Soon after eight o'clock.
(c) Just before noon
(d) There are no planes

14. Where does Angela say she's going as she leaves the house?
(a) She's going to exercise her pony
(b) She doesn't say
(c) She's going to join the Trippies
(d) She's going to Emma's

15. What does Andy say could have been the source of the noise they heard?
(a) A truck
(b) A train
(c) Dynamite from a nearby mine
(d) An artillery range

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the explanation Andy offers when the boys see the first Tripod?

2. What chapter is Laurie studying in physics?

3. What does Ilse's parents do?

4. What material is Laurie's grandmother's house made of?

5. What does the newscaster say will be the way to overcome the Tripods?

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