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John Christopher
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Preface and Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What company planned to sponsor a television adaptation of the Tripods?
(a) American Broadcasting Corporation
(b) Japanese Broadcasting Corporation
(c) Public Broadcasting Corporation
(d) British Broadcasting Corporation

2. What does Andy think might be the source of the sound they hear just after daylight the next morning?
(a) The Tripods
(b) Farm machinery
(c) Trains
(d) The farmer's pickup

3. How many were actually made?
(a) Six
(b) Thirteen
(c) Three
(d) Two

4. What does Laurie say about the rules of their camping expedition?
(a) That they are not to ask for help
(b) That they are to call their parents daily
(c) That they are not to sleep outside
(d) That they are to hide from the Tripods

5. What kind of dog does Laurie believe he hears?
(a) A Labrador
(b) A poodle
(c) A St. Bernard
(d) A greyhound

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the panelist who is critical of the idea that the Tripods don't have infrared capabilities?

2. What does the author say is often the key to winning a battle?

3. What is the sound coming from the tank?

4. What time does the first plane arrive on the scene?

5. What does Andy suggest they do to get away?

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