Objects & Places from When the Tripods Came

John Christopher
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The home country of Andy and his family.

The Tripods

Alien machines.

The Edelweiss

The small boat owned by Pa.

The Trippy Show

The animated television show following humanity's initial contact with the Tripods.

The Caps

Helmets worn as signs of devotion to the Tripods and the source of the Tripods' control of humans.


An island where Laurie and his family attempt to take refuge from the Tripods.


Ilse's home country and where Pa and the family flee in an attempt to get away from the Tripods.


The small Swiss community near the home of Ilse's parents.

The Gasthaus (guest house)

This is the home and business of Ilse's parents.

Laurie's Books

The items used as Laurie's reason for seeing Andy.

The Hidden Valley

Where Laurie and his group go to hide from the Tripods.

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