When the Tripods Came Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Christopher
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Preface and Chapter 1

• The author describes the process of having his book made into a movie and the criticism from a science fiction writer.

• Laurie and Andy are on a camping trip and find shelter in a shed near a farmhouse.

• They wake in the middle of the night to unexplained explosions.

• The following morning they wake to discover a huge, three-legged machine approaching.

• The machine destroys a farmhouse and kills a farmer and a dog.

• The military arrives, apparently attempting to make peaceful contact but the Tripod destroys the tank.

• Fighter-bombers arrive and destroy the Tripod.

Chapters 2 and 3

• Laurie and Andy become weary of the questions about the Tripods.

• A television show called the Trippy Show airs which is a cartoon about the Tripods.

• Angela becomes obsessed with the Trippy Show but Laurie is frightened by the one episode he watches.

• There are discussions that people are...

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