Objects & Places from When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Judith Kerr
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This is the capital of Germany and initial home of Anna's family.

Gasthof Zwirn

This is the hotel where Anna's family lives for a time.


Anna's family lives in here, a major Swiss City, before they go to France.


Anna's family moves here after they leave Switzerland.

Ecole Communale

This is a type of French school which Anna and Max attend while they live in Paris.


This is the city where Anna's family travel to after leaving France.

Pink Rabbit

Anna's toy that is, along with her family's other belongings, stolen by the Nazis.

The Daily Parisian

This is a newspaper run by German refugees in France which publishes Papa's writings.

Papa's Film Script

Papa writes this after a discussion with his children about Napoleon.


The nationalist and socialist ideology that animated the German Nazi Party during the 1930s and 1940s is called...

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