When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Character Descriptions

Judith Kerr
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She is the main character of "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit". When the book begins, she is nine years old.


While Anna is the main character in the book, he is, in many ways, the character who drives the storyline.


She is Anna's mother.


He is Anna's older brother.


She is the maid in Anna's family's home in Berlin.

Onkel Julius

A friend of the family and naturalist, he declines to leave Germany as Papa had.

Herr Zwirn and Frau Zwirn

They are the Swiss couple in Zurich who help shelter Anna's family.

Adolf Hitler

The dictator of Germany from around 1933 to 1945, he is responsible for the persecution of the Jews.


She is Anna's grandmother who lives in Paris.


She is Anna's family's Austrian help who adjusts poorly to life outside of Germany.

Madame Fernand

She is a French woman and...

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