When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Judith Kerr
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Chapters 1-6

• Anna is a nine year old Jewish girl living in Berlin in 1932 to 1933.

• Anna's father is a famous writer and poet, and his fame brings attention to her family.

• Anna speaks with her father before going to bed, and in the morning he is gone.

• Elections in Germany are coming up between the Nazis and the Sozis. A win for the Nazis will bring Hitler to power.
• Anna is upset in the morning that she cannot find her father and her mother explains to her and Max, her brother, what happened.

• Anna's father has gone to Prague because he knows if Hitler comes into power he and his family will be in danger.

• Her mother tells her they must keep his location a secret until he sends for them.

• Her mother says they will probably end up in Switzerland. The children tell their friends their father...

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