What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know Multiple Choice Test Questions

Sonya Sones
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1. Who is the narrator of the book?
(a) Mr. Shultz.
(b) Sophie Stein.
(c) Mrs. Murphy.
(d) Robin Muphy.

2. What distinguishing feature does Robin Murphy have?
(a) A mustache.
(b) Purple eyes.
(c) Red hair.
(d) Long curly hair.

3. Who is Robin Murphy dating when the book opens?
(a) Rachel
(b) Grace
(c) Tessa
(d) Sophie Stein.

4. When did Robin begin dating his new girlfriend?
(a) On his birthday.
(b) Spring break.
(c) The first day of school.
(d) Christmas break.

5. How does Sophie react when she sees Robin at school?
(a) By grabbing his hands happily.
(b) By yelling at him.
(c) By ignoring him.
(d) By leaving a secret note in his locker.

6. Who does Sophie introduce to Robin when she sees him back at school?
(a) Sarah and Grace.
(b) Rachel and Grace.
(c) Sarah and Rachel.
(d) Ellen and Amy.

7. What is Robin's image before dating Sophie?
(a) He is known as a bully.
(b) No one really knows who he is.
(c) He is considered a "dork."
(d) He is one of the most popular kids in school.

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