What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sonya Sones
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Pages 1-12

• Robin Murphy returns to high school after Christmas break.

• He has just started dating Sophie Stein and is nervous about their relationship lasting now that they are back in school.

• Robin remembers how they started dating after talking to each other at the art museum.

• Robin sees Sophie and assumes that she will ignore him.
• Sophie immediately rushes over to greet Robin.

• She introduces Robin to her friends, Grace and Rachel.

• Grace and Rachel are surprised and upset that Sophie is dating Robin.

• Robin and Sophie eat lunch at a table alone in the cafeteria.

Pages 13-25

• Robin and Sophie walk through the hallways at school holding hands.

• The other students look at them with disgust and some even laugh at them.

• Sophie pulls Robin into a broom closet and tells him that she likes being an "outlaw."

• Robin kisses Sophie in the broom closet like...

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