Wench Character Descriptions

Dolen Perkins-Valdez
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She is the protagonist of the novel and is a twenty-three-year-old slave woman who belongs to Master Drayle.


She is a light-skinned slave woman with pale, freckled skin and wild red hair.


She is a slave woman who has been the mistress to her brother - fathered by the same white man - for most of her life.


She loses her children to cholera, descends into madness and eventually dies from her grief.


He is Drayle's favorite and most trusted slave, which earns him the right to travel north to Ohio with Drayle each summer.


He is a southern slave owner who runs a plantation with such efficiency and relative kindness, that he has never had a slave try to escape.


Throughout most of the novel she appears to view Lizzie as her competition and treats her cruelly.

Nathaniel (Nate)


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