Wench Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dolen Perkins-Valdez
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Part I (1852): Chapters 1 - 5

• The novel opens with six slaves--Lizzie, Reenie, Sweet, Henry, George and Philip--sitting and talking outside the Tawawa House Resort near Xenia, Ohio.

• The slaves have become friends over the years because they accompany their white masters to the resort to spend a few weeks each Summer.

• A new slave called Mawu, a fiery woman with red hair and freckled skin, introduces herself to the others.

• George announces that he has heard of a resort nearby where freed blacks vacation just like white people.

• Mawu announces her intentions to see the resort but the other slaves know they could never risk leaving their masters' cottages.
• One day Mawu accuses Lizzie of loving her master and Lizzie is ashamed to admit that she does.

• Later that day, Lizzie tries again to ask her master, Drayle, to free the two children they have together.

• Drayle is a...

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