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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term from the novel refers to a man's habitation, such as the one belonging to Njoroge's father?
(a) Kihii.
(b) Nganga.
(c) Kipanga.
(d) Thingira.

2. Who arranged the meeting in the market place that Njoroge recalls in the "Interlude"?
(a) Mucatha.
(b) The Mau Mau.
(c) K.A.U.
(d) Ngotho.

3. Who is Njoroge's brother who died in the war?
(a) Isaka.
(b) Mwangi.
(c) Boro.
(d) Kori.

4. Jacobo is said to be the first black man allowed to grow what crop in the area?
(a) Potatoes.
(b) Green tea.
(c) Black tea.
(d) Pyrethrum.

5. The narrator states in Chapter 1 that "time and bad conditions do not favour" what (3)?
(a) "People."
(b) "Beauty."
(c) "Youth."
(d) "Society."

6. Where is Karanja from?
(a) Kipanga.
(b) Ndeiya.
(c) Nairobi.
(d) Kihii.

7. In what season does Njoroge's homeland become green and adorned with white flowers?
(a) Sugarcane season.
(b) Coffee season.
(c) Maize season.
(d) Njahi season.

8. What city can be seen in the distance from the hill at Njoroge's home?
(a) Nairobi.
(b) Nakuru.
(c) Kisumu.
(d) Mombasa.

9. What grade are Njoroge and Mwihaki in when the begin to learn English in Chapter 5?
(a) Standard IV.
(b) Standard V.
(c) Standard III.
(d) Standard VI.

10. Who is the village carpenter?
(a) Boro.
(b) Mr. Howlands.
(c) Ngotho.
(d) Nganga.

11. Who says of Jomo in Chapter 9, "It knew he would lose. I always said that all white men are the same. His lawyers must have been bribed" (74)?
(a) Nyokabi.
(b) Isaka.
(c) Kihii.
(d) Kori.

12. Exactly how much later does the narrator describe the "Interlude" taking place?
(a) One and a half years later.
(b) Three and a half years later.
(c) Four and a half years later.
(d) Two and a half years later.

13. What does Mwihaki like to do with flowers, according to the narrator in Chapter 4?
(a) Pick them for her sister.
(b) Pick them for her mother.
(c) Weave them into necklaces and hair adornments.
(d) Pick them and throw them at Njoroge.

14. What is the area in central Kenya called where Njoroge lives in Chapter 1?
(a) Baringo.
(b) Uasin Gishu.
(c) Kikuyuland.
(d) Nyanza.

15. Who is the teacher that teaches Njoroge's class English in Chapter 5?
(a) Isaka.
(b) Lucia.
(c) Kamau.
(d) Mwangi.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the verb in the sentence used by the teacher to demonstrate person in Chapter 5?

2. Njuka is the name that is given to whom, according to the narrator in Chapter 2?

3. What language do the Kikuyu people speak?

4. Who is Ngotho's first wife?

5. What does Nyokabi tell Njoroge she will buy him when his father gets paid in the beginning of Chapter 1?

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