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This symbol represents different things to different characters in the novel: to Mr. Howlands, it represents the control of restraining and subduing; to Ngotho, it represents his ancestors and spirituality.


This characterization of a real historical figure represents hope to Africans in freeing themselves from colonial rule and oppression.


This local crop represents wealth and oppression. As Jacobo is the only African allowed a permit to grow the crop, its production largely supports the European landowners.

The Barber

This character in the novel represents the common man. He is a sociable character, known by all, and is described as a good storyteller.


This setting in the novel represents the political center of Kenya and the heart of the Mau Mau insurgency.

Siriana Mission School

This setting in the novel represents hope and a haven of unity to Njoroge.


This symbol in the novel...

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