Weep Not, Child Character Descriptions

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This protagonist of the novel is the youngest of five sons. The narrative follows his journey from childhood into adulthood as he gains education but ultimately loses everyone that he loves.


This character is the protagonist's father and an influential man in his community as the novel begins.


This character is one of the protagonist's older brothers. He lost his half-brother Mwangi while they were both fightin in World War II and has become embittered since the war.


This character is a wealthy African landowner who holds the only permit (among Africans) to grow pyrethrum.

Mr. Howlands

This character is from England and has settled with his family on the Gikuyu ancestral lands around Mahua village.


This character is a classmate, friend, and later, love interest of the protagonist. She is the daughter of an African landowner who later becomes the village Chief.


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