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Justin Torres
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ma wear for the family's first drive in the truck?
(a) A short black skirt with high heels.
(b) A red dress and gold hoop earrings.
(c) Ma refuses to go on the first drive.
(d) Her work boots and a house dress.

2. What does Paps do to try and convey to his sons their heritage?
(a) Paps plays British music.
(b) Paps takes his sons to meet their grandparents.
(c) Paps shows his sons pictures of his childhood.
(d) Paps dances in a Puerto Rican style.

3. How does the reader know how Old Man feels about the brothers?
(a) Old Man calls the brothers useful and hardworking.
(b) Old Man tells the brothers that they will see the locusts, "by the by" (34) just like the brothers.
(c) Old Man draws the brothers pictures of how the brothers compare to locusts.
(d) Old Man calls the brothers, "castaways, stowaways, hideaways, fugitives, punks, city slickers, and bastards" (35).

4. What does Manny, the narrator's eldest brother, have to get in the middle of the night from the neighbor's for a birthday?
(a) Frosting and candles.
(b) A stick of butter.
(c) A cup of sugar.
(d) A glass dish.

5. Why do the brothers have to go with Paps to work in Chapter 11, NIGHT WATCH?
(a) Because Ma is asleep at home, and they will wake her.
(b) Because Paps needs extra help.
(c) Because Ma is working too, and no one is at home to watch them.
(d) Because Paps is afraid the boys will get in trouble.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator know that Ma is delighted when Paps returns at the start of Chapter 10, YOU BETTER COME?

2. How does Ma respond to Paps worries at the end of Chapter 11, NIGHT WATCH?

3. What does Ma ask her sons to squirt on her face when they run out of the original ingredient(s)?

4. What does the word "rappel" most likely mean on Page 25?

5. What tool do the boys use to smash the tomatoes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What previous incident may have led Joel to ask a pregnant woman outside a drugstore if she was tricked into having a baby?

2. After Ma asks the brothers if they think it is funny when men beat women, the narrator retreats to a window and looks into he sun and says, "I could not blind myself" (16). How does this statement contribute to the nature of the narrator's desires?

3. Why may Ma choose to call the narrator's family's new vehicle, "Big-Dick Truck"?

4. Why do the brothers dig up Old Man's garden?

5. What personality traits and behaviors are both implicitly and explicitly conveyed through the description of the brothers' behaviors in the opening Chapters? How do you come to these conclusions?

6. Why is the narrator confused when Ma asks him why he is unable to swim in Chapter 5, LAKE?

7. What may the Quote provided before the Title Page relate to you about a theme or important motif of the novel?

8. Even though it is not explicitly mentioned in the novel, how does the author convey that Ma has been abused by Paps in Chapter 4?

9. How come Ma does not answer Paps' phone calls in Chapter 9, TALK TO ME?

10. How does the narrator differentiate the brothers' behavior in relation to when Ma is awake or asleep?

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