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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who coaxes the rabbits into crossing the river?
(a) Fiver
(b) Hazel
(c) Kehaar
(d) Bigwig

2. What does Hazel say is the problem with the General's warren?
(a) It smells
(b) It is overcrowded
(c) It is ugly
(d) There are not enough does

3. What does the General find when his patrol digs through the Honeycomb?
(a) Food supplies
(b) The rabbits have filled it in below
(c) Dead does
(d) The rabbits have gone

4. As what do mothers use General Woundwort legend?
(a) An old wives' tale
(b) A joke
(c) A threat
(d) A bedtime story

5. What does Hazel see as he rises above the earth?
(a) Everything he did was a mistake
(b) Everything is fine
(c) Fiver waving goodbye
(d) Bigwig organizing plans to become a dictator

Short Answer Questions

1. For what will the rabbits use the door?

2. What will the rabbits use to escape the Efrafa?

3. Why does Bigwig pretend to be hurt?

4. What does Kehaar say is nearing the tracks?

5. What does Bigwig say Fiver knows how to predict?

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